CLR Mooring Winch

CLR Mooring Winch

CLR Mooring Winch Harken are mooring winches designed to facilitate deck maneuvering of both sail and power boats while keeping the boat deck “clean.” It has unique footprint and mechanical characteristics in the market.

In fact, the CLR Mooring Winch completely disappears, remaining, when not in use, flush with the deck. It also occupies 40% less horizontal space and 50% less vertical space than equivalent products. Weight drops by 33% for the same mechanical power characteristics as “normal” models.

This compactness allows designers to make more space available below deck. It also makes it possible to mount, for the same amount of available space, multiple Winch CLR Mooring in different bow-aft configurations to reduce the power requirement of the engine or bow thruster during mooring maneuvers and providing additional help to the crew.

CLR Mooring Winch Harken

This Harken Mooring Winch CLR is available in 6 models, from 600 up to 12,000 kg MWL, Maximum Working Load. It is designed for sail and power boats from 45 feet up to 350 feet in length, that is, from 13 to over 100 meters. Handling can be electric or hydraulic.
The top can be customized with different finishes: aluminum, chrome, steel, but can also be customized according to the site’s requirements.



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