Challenger Pro

Challenger Pro High-protection two-component enamel

Challenger PRO is a two-component polyacrylic finish designed to meet the demands of durability in boat operating conditions. It meets the need to protect the substrate from ultraviolet rays, weathering and to give an excellent aesthetic effect. Its high gloss, expansion and coverage properties combined with ease of application allow it to be used on any type of boat including large surfaces in the Superyacht segment.

The Challenger System, with its more than 200,000 combinations, makes it possible to achieve any type of finish, even the most original and unexpected, with the quality that has always distinguished the production of the Boero Group.

This year, Boero Group is proud to announce its partnership with the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Due to the quality of its enamel, it was chosen to paint the three hulls that make up the upper section of the pavilion. This area, totaling 2,100 square meters, will be painted with the three colors of the Italian flag, creating the world’s largest tricolor using Challenger Pro.

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Watch the video:


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