Battcar Switch

Battcar Switch

The simplest and most efficient system for handling mainsail lowering on the boom.

The Battcar Switch System reduces the height of the mainsail by half once it is picked up on the boom, this also simplifies operations for stringing the halyard and positioning the mainsail cover. It is a patented system, and it works by alternately arranging the mainsail lowered on the boom to starboard and port. Simple, highly effective.

It is available in sizes 18, 26, 32 and 40 mm, for monohulls from 11 to 43 meters in length, and for multihulls from 9 to 27 meters.

32mm Trysail Switch System

The Switch Trysail System allows the mainsail and mainsail to run on the same rail, minimizing the weight at the top. This asymmetric switch system mounts on the standard system and allows the mainsail carriages to use the mainsail rail. The trolleys alternate fully automatically: only the mainsail trolleys can run on the mainsail rail, while the mainsail trolleys run in the standard switch and the part of the rail where it then goes to fold.


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