Bamar Hydraulic Panel

Bamar Hydraulic Panel is a hand pump prepared with pressure indicator, release valve and selection knob for 4 functions (only on multifunction), for quick and easy control of on-board cylinders. With single-function or multifunction panel control unit.

The selection of functions features a 4-position selector switch that enables quick and safe operation even under the most unfavorable conditions. The system is equipped with a pressure gaugethat allows the pressure to be read easily and quickly. For systems with more than 4 utilities, an optional selector is available that extends the BHP panel to 7 functions.

It is also equipped with a pressure relief valve to protect utilities and on-board hydraulics (max. pressure 350 bar – 5000 psi).

The pump is placed in the center, at the bottom of the panel, to provide a mechanical advantage and consequent less physical exertion.

Bamar Hydraulic Panel

Bamar Hydraulic Panel is available with a single-speed pump and offers an automatic dual-speed pump as an option. This triples oil flow at low pressures for fast pumping. It then automatically shifts to a lower speed when the pressure reaches a pre-adjusted level.

High-flow valves and oil outlets, allow the panels to be easily interfaced with an electro-hydraulic control unit. Oil flow, supplied by the electro-hydraulic power unit, is controlled by the BHP system. Fine adjustment at high pressures can be completed with the hand pump. The single-function panel can be later converted to a multifunction panelwith the 4-function conversion unit.

Also available is the small single-function panel suitable for pairing with individual utility type:

  • forestay
  • forestay

The standard kit of Bamar Hydraulic Panel controllers includes:

  • aluminum or steel panel
  • 4-way selector switch (in multifunction models)
  • stainless steel lever
  • tank
  • filter
  • pressure gauge
  • 4 m low pressure plant hose and clamps



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