Bamar Captive Winch

Bamar Captive Winch. Quality and technological innovation are the key concepts on which the production and processingstages of Bamar products are based. A line of line stockers for handling sheets and halyards, now available for boats from 45′ to over 150′.

The salient features of this range of electric or hydraulic Captive Winchare:
Reduced weight and footprintdue to the use of materials with high mechanical strength characteristics and suitable for use in the marine environment
Simple and flexible installation

Bamar Captive Winch

Security-related features are also important:
– Mechanical control system against sheet looseningduring “sail row” maneuvering
– Protective fairing
– Cima always accompanied in the rolling phase thanks to the ridges on the drum that guide the translation of the carriage
Trolley “end-of-stroke” control system
– Treatment of aluminum with “hardcote” anodizing

All our Captive Winches are tested in our workshop on a test stand at maximum dynamic pull.

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