An automatic brake for the propeller shaft

Autolock is a propeller shaft brake that automatically stops shaft rotation when the engine is turned off for sailing. When a hydraulic type gearbox is installed on your boat, going sailing with the engine off may cause the propeller shaft to continue rotating. This rotation is transmitted to the inverter, which, not being properly lubricated, can have serious damage.

The advantages of Autolock

Autolock is designed to solve this problem, and these are its advantages:

  • Lock the axle when you go sailing
  • Reduces gearbox wear and tear
  • Reduces propeller resistance
  • Eliminates the noise of the gearbox turning
  • Constructed from stainless marine materials


How Autolock works

Autolock is the only reliable axle brake available for boats with hydraulic gearboxes. It is automatically activated when the engine is turned off, being driven by the oil pressure of the inverter itself.

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