Amel 50

Amel 50: an affordable and versatile model, European Yacht of the Year 2018

Coming out of the “pen” of Olivier Racoupeau for the Amel shipyard, the Amel 50 brings the sloop rig to complete the Amel range.

With this 50-footer, emphasis is placed on the Shipyard’s ability to evolve from traditional codes. Amel’s know-how is clearly evident in every detail, opening, however, to new horizons.

Voted 2018 European Yacht of the Year in the luxury cruiser category, the Amel 50 continues to seduce customers interested in evolution while maintaining Amel brand staples such as safety and ease of maneuvering, Amel style and elegance.


Amel 50 – Exterior

Traditional values and the highest quality, combined with innovative concepts and modern lines, led the Amel 50 to be awarded the “European Yacht of the Year 2018” award soon after its world premiere! In addition to this highly honorable recognition, he was also awarded the U.S. award for “Best Boat 2020” in 2020!

Amel 50


The Amel 50 is offered with a unique layout featuring two large cabins each with a double bed and a cabin with two bunk beds. There is ample storage space as always in Casa Amel, in closets and cabinets, under beds and sofas. The galley, positioned in the starboard passage, provides a very generous living area in the salon while maintaining optimal ergonomics. The chart table is located to the left of the entrance and communicates directly with the entire hall.

Amel 50
© T. Luenen


The Amel 50 has all the features that make it a true Amel

  • Maximum security
  • Ease of management
  • Virtually unsinkable thanks to watertight bulkheads
  • Central cockpit with protected steering station
  • Excellent sea behavior, even in bad weather
  • Maximum comfort
  • Central engine compartment and easy access to all facilities
  • Plenty of internal and external storage space
  • Rigid Battalion
  • and much more…

Given the size of the Amel 50, the Shipyard decided to forgo the tried-and-true ketch rig and, as in the past (e.g., with the Amel Santorin), equip the boat with a sloop rig that is also very easy to use. Instead, the use of a double rudder system is completely new. This means that the yacht remains fully controllable even in the most challenging conditions!

Data sheet

Length f.t. 16.50 m
Baglio 4.79 m
Fishing 2.15 m
Displacement 20.55 t
Engine 110 HP
Fresh water 600 l
Diesel fuel 650 l
Project Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design


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