Allures 45.9

Allures 45.9

A yacht of character, which does not compromise. It offers you the freedom, ease and performance you desire combined with the elegance that characterizes the Shipyard’s boats.
The Allures 45.9 offers comfort, performance and maneuverability for a small crew while maintaining a high level of safety.
Like all Allures boats, it benefits from an aluminum hull combined with a composite deck that makes it elegant, ergonomic, practical, lightweight, and very well insulated.

“The Allures 45.9 is the quintessential cruising sailboat. It uncompromisingly combines all the essential elements of offshore cruising.”
(Stéphan Constance, founding member of the Shipyard)

Allures 45.9, a durable cruiser to go anywhere. Allures Yachting has always distinguished itself by using aluminum, a material whose strength and solidity are incomparable. Add to that a design by the Berret-Racoupeau team and you have a sailboat with pure lines that combines elegance and performance.

The elegant Allures 45.9 is available in two versions

A centerboarder with reduced draft that can “beach” easily and a lifting keel version that reduces weight by 2,280 kg for those who prefer the speed of an even lighter sailboat. The stability of both versions is exactly the same; there is nothing more important to us than your safety.


Allures 45.9 – Exterior

Exterior design

The hull of the Allures 45.9 is, of course, made of aluminum, a material with unparalleled strength to sail anywhere and with peace of mind. Are you tempted to go to the beach on this sandbank and go exploring at low tide? Concerned about the possible presence of floating logs while ascending a majestic river? Restless as you approach a narrow passage in the middle of a coral reef to reach a paradise lagoon? In all these cases proceed carefully but calmly: your Allures 45.9 is ready.

Allures Yachting - 45.9_6

Its composite deck is a unique solution patented by Allures Yachting and proven for more than 15 years. Not only will you be proud and happy with the elegance of its construction, but the sandwich-foam composition of its deck combined with the careful insulation of its hull will protect you from extreme temperatures, whether high or low, and safeguard you from condensation and much maintenance.


Allures 45.9 – Interior

Interior architecture

Inside, the motto is “Let the light in!” The deckhouse’s large ceiling and side panels not only flood the salon, galley, and chart table with light, but also allow you to monitor what is happening outside in a pleasant and reassuring way.

The “Duo” chart table, the vast salon that converts into a huge double bed for the guard or friends who come to visit, the galley with Corian countertops and multiple storage spaces, everything is designed for deep-sea sailing. Aesthetics by no means neglected function, a testament to all the talent of the Darnet Design team. In addition, the three versions of the master cabin, all available with double berths or movable “twin” berths, are sure to meet your expectations.

Allure 45 9_7

Finally, aft of the very easily accessible engine compartment, there is a large bathroom with separate shower just forward of the traditional and essential technical room, also accessible from the cockpit via a large opening manhole. Unless you have opted for the three-cabin version, in which case your guests will have the same cabin to starboard or port, with a comfortable double berth, storage space, light and ventilation.

All three versions, with different accommodations, enjoy the same amenities. Safe, functional and elegant, the Allures 45.9’s fittings are particularly well suited to life at sea. The clear height throughout the boat, the build quality, the choice of materials, the natural or artificial light, all provide an exceptional living environment.


Key elements


  • Aluminum centerboard (integral drift)
  • Two rudders for control and stability
  • Ergonomic cockpit for long distances


  • Side and front windows for exceptional brightness and 270° visibility
  • High-end interior design for pleasant life aboard at roadstead and functional life at sea
  • Ample storage space throughout the boat for greatrange


  • Aluminum hull for unsurpassed impact resistance
  • Aluminum watertight bow bulkhead
  • Maneuvers deferred in the cockpit


  • Composite bridge for its ergonomics, light weight, insulating properties
  • Lightweight, load-bearing fairing for shape stability and performance
  • Integrated roll-bar for: antennas, solar panels, tender
  • Modern weapon for performance and ease of use

Data sheet

Length f.t. 14.75 m
Baglio 4.43 m
Fishing 1.06 m / 2.90 m
Displacement 12.6 t
Fresh water 420 l
Diesel fuel 625 l
Mainsail surface 52 m²
Solent surface 48 m²
Spinnaker surface 160 m²


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