Allures 40.9

Allures 40.9

“Combining agility and elegance, this boat will easily make its way to any latitude.”

(Stéphan Constance, founding member of the Shipyard)


The first sailboat in the range, theAllures 40.9 is an agile and elegant 40-foot aluminum centerboarder designed for cruising under sail. It will take you sailing wherever you want, to the ends of the earth.

The quality of the Allures 40.9 is based on many years of experience and innovation that have shaped the DNA of the Allures Yachting shipyard. Starting with our patented technology that combines the performance of composite superstructures with the safety of aluminum hulls that is the hallmark of Allures yachts today.

Our partner, the naval architecture firm Berret-Racoupeau, designed a modern hull by combining the proverbial solidity of aluminum with width, power and maximum waterline length. Thus more efficient and performing, the Allures 40.9 is free to take you quickly to the ends of the earth. Gliding under the balmy trade winds, reaching paradise islands, roaming the fjords of Scandinavia–there are many sailing experiences to choose from. The large storage capacity and capacious diesel tank also ensure perfect autonomy for ever greater freedom.

Allures 40.9 is a centerboarder with an aluminum hull, maneuverability, efficiency, dual wheelhouse, wide visibility from the saloon, profiled appendages, large storage volumes, technical room, separate shower, double chart table, aft lockers, sea view saloon, all designed to provide maximum comfort when sailing and at anchor.

To ensure safety, reefers are deferred in a spacious and deep cockpit that offers optimal ergonomics, both at anchor and for sail adjustments. The placement of the winches allows perfect positioning whatever the sea state.



Allures 40.9 – Exterior

Exterior design

The Allures 40.9 is a drift boat with an aluminum hull and composite superstructure. The result of rigorous specifications drawn up through feedback from many boaters, this unit combines all the features of a true bluewatercruiser.

Allures 40 9_1

All maneuvering is done safely from the cockpit, without forcing, thanks to the studied ergonomics of the deck plan and the generous sizing of the fittings. You will always find the ideal position for maneuvering from one of the two wheels, while all of your on-board equipment will be housed in the many available lockers, including in the aluminum-reinforced stern; above all, you will sleep soundly having full confidence in the sturdiness of your Allures’ aluminum hull.


Interior architecture

The Allures 40.9 is an integral mobile drift boat, the best choice for those who want to go further in total safety without wasting living space. In fact, its drift is perfectly integrated into the interior layout, allowing smooth and pleasant circulation in the hall. Its high-quality interior fittings are designed with the aim of facilitating life on board, in a bright and carefully finished space. The living room is flooded with light and has a remarkable view of the sea.

ALLURES 40 9_int 3
© Jean-Marie Liot

Isabelle Racoupeau envisioned a modern, discreet and elegant layout for Allures 40.9, highlighted by light hues and LED lighting. The interior is designed with noble and durable materials such as stainless steel.

Comfortable and bright, the salon and cabins are designed to provide a pleasant and convivial space while being functional at sea. The kitchen with its drawer refrigerator and generous countertop lends itself perfectly to use. Plenty of stowage space facilitates storage of provisions for longer cruises. From the hatch to the forward cabin, numerous handrails make it easy to move around on board, both at sea and at anchor.


Key elements


  • Aluminum centerboard (integral drift)
  • Two rudders for control and stability
  • Ergonomic cockpit for long distances


  • Side and front windows for exceptional brightness and 270° visibility
  • High-end interior design for pleasant life aboard at roadstead and functional life at sea
  • Ample storage space throughout the boat for greatrange


  • Aluminum hull for unsurpassed impact resistance
  • Aluminum watertight bow bulkhead
  • Maneuvers deferred in the cockpit


  • Composite bridge for its ergonomics, light weight, insulating properties
  • Lightweight, load-bearing fairing for shape stability and performance
  • Integrated roll-bar for: antennas, solar panels, tender
  • Modern weapon for performance and ease of use


Data sheet


Length f.t. 12.65 m
Baglio 4.15 m
Fishing 1.06 m / 2.75 m
Displacement 10.9 t
Fresh water 330 l
Diesel fuel 400 l
Sail surface upwind 82.5 m²
Engine 50 HP


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