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The new a33 has undergone a facelift and update 4 years after its introduction. Learn about the new deck layout and interior. The carbon hull and carbon rod rigging, as well as the hydraulic mainsail and downhaul, remain in place to continue to allow perfect solo sailing despite the large sail areas. Guests can still enjoy the spacious cockpit without any restrictions due to the paterazzi. This also applies to the a33 New bar version.

The high ballast ratio is essential for the a33 and allows stable handling and moderate skidding. The modern and elegant shape of the carbon hull makes every trip more enjoyable. There is nothing better than a relaxing drink on the comfortably cushioned bench! This model promises excellent balance on board so that passengers can avoid continually tipping over with each maneuver.

Another new addition is the short-keel “a33 Shallow Draft” model, with a draft of 1.9 meters. The engine range will be expanded from the previous diesel to a hybrid electric motor. The electric version will also include the “a33 SOLAR,” in which a walkable photovoltaic element on the bow permanently powers the batteries. In addition, a version with bar addition will be presented in the 2022 season. The huge bathing platform is also accessible in this version directly from the cockpit, avoiding stairs. The deck edge will now include step protection and water drainage to the stern, just like the successful a27. A separate toilet compartment will be installed in the cabin.

The list of other options has been expanded to include an underdeck autopilot, carbon steering wheels, double bed, a Code 0, a masthead genoa, and more, and is virtually unlimited. Michael Gilhofer is able to meet any special requests with his team at the Attersee construction site.

The a33 is available in three fittings:

  • Pure – for sailing purists. Less is more

a33 - Pure
a33 – Pure

The “Pure” model takes the a33 back to basics: simple handling, few systems and barely visible trim. Sailing in its purest form!

  • Solar – for complete independence. Charged batteries, anytime, anywhere!

a33 - Solar
a33 – Solar

The “Solar” model makes possible total independence from connections to the power grid. Solar panels, which can be walked on, are fully integrated into the foredeck and allow the engine to be charged at any time. They also power the batteries and provide energy without having to dock at the port.

In cooperation with high-tech solar panel supplier Solbian Solar, A-Yachts created the “a33 Solar” model. The deck of this yacht recharges the engine batteries and on-board electrical system in an environmentally friendly way, without relying on shore power. A solar module developed exclusively for A-Yachts was integrated into the foredeck with precise mounting and complete accessibility. The surface texture is coated with a non-slip finish and can be ordered in various looks and colors. Walking barefoot on solar panels is comfortable and stable even when skidding.

The PV system is glued as sturdily as the teak deck and is therefore not fragile in any way. The surface is lightly pigmented, so it can be ordered in light gray or any other color. In this way, almost no energy is lost, and individual cells are not visible. The system operates autonomously; the batteries are charged fully automatically during the sunny hours of the day, regardless of whether the boat is mooring or sailing. Special MPPT controllers provide an optimal charging curve, ten diodes built into the solar module fill in the shaded areas to maximize energy yield. The PV system is perfectly sufficient to ensure that both the engine battery and on-board electronics are always charged. Charge controllers are barely larger than cell phone chargers, so they are barely noticeable.

  • Performant – for the sailor who seeks performance. Fast and luxurious!

a33 - Performing
a33 – Performing

The “performance” model has a carbon mast and bowsprit and inconspicuous but easily operated trim devices. It is the ideal yacht for treasure hunting during the weekend regatta. The peforming a33 has a more pronounced downhaul and includes a barberhouler for the jib clew point, as well as a cunningham for the mainsail and options for a Code 0 or masthead genoa. With a cockpit more spacious and comfortable than any in its class, the crew can end the day on the water in maximum relaxation.

A-Yachts unveiled the new a33 Performante at Boot 2023. The race-oriented sailor steers this elegant daysailer with a tiller instead of the two steering wheels of the a33 pure and a33 solar versions. The carbon hull and rigging with rod rigging as well as the hydraulic mainsail and downhaul remain standard to continue to sail perfectly one-handed despite the large sail areas. Guests can still enjoy the most spacious cockpit in this class, with no restrictions due to aft stalls or paterazzi. We added a short-keel version “a33 shallow draft” with 1.9 meters draft. The engine range has been expanded from the previous diesels to a hybrid and electric motor. The list of other options has been expanded to include an underdeck autopilot, carbon steering wheels, double bed, a Code 0, a masthead genoa, a separate wet cell, and more, and is almost unlimited. Michael Gilhofer can also make unusual wishes come true with his team at the construction site on Lake Attersee.

Data Sheet

LOA 9,95 m
BEAM 2,70 m
DRAUGHT 1,90 / 2,20 m
BALLAST 1,250 kg
RIG / HULL Carbon / Carbon
MAINSAIL / JIB / GENN. 47 square meters / 20 square meters / 90 square meters
ENGINE 12hp / 19hp
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