Zadro Sails

Cutting-edge sails for more than a century

Tradition, passion and technology make Zadro the most innovative brand in the industry

Founded in Trieste, Italy, in 1917 as a sailmaker for commercial vessels – freight transport at the time was still mostly by sail – Zadro Sails has become a leading player in the national and international boating world thanks to the work of founder Ernesto Zadro and family heirs along more than 100 years of history. Today Zadro has moved to Torviscosa (Udine) where the new headquarters is larger and more functional in order to meet the changing needs of the market. True to the motto “progress is our tradition,” Zadro has introduced new technologies into his business in both design and sailmaking, which are made 100 percent in Italy. Suffice it to say that Zadro was also among the first sailmakers in Italy to experiment with innovative materials such as Mylar and Kevlar or to understand the importance of information technology to its work and consequently to equip the company with machines and software designed only for designing sails. Zadro today is therefore able to provide its customers with ultra-technological sails made with the latest materials (such as kevlar, carbon or dyneema) and the latest construction techniques (membrane). Thus Zadro creates cruising or racing sails for every type of boat, from optimist to maxi, always with the same care and attention to best meet the needs of each type of customer. In addition, Zadro can complement sails with all the accessories and covers that facilitate and enhance life on the boat as well as an inspection and repair service to keep sails and covers in perfect working order.



Zadro is able to create, in a completely tailor-made manner for its clients, ultra-technological sails made with the latest materials.



From 1917 to the present, the sails created by Zadro best meet every type of customer’s nautical needs.


Zadro Sails
Via dell’Industria, 2/B 33050 Torviscosa (UD)
Tel. +39 0431 92200
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