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Vetus makes facilities designed for boaters to fully enjoy their experience on the sea

Vetus is the brand that sets the standard in the marine industry when it comes to designing complete boat systems that are able to make life on board more enjoyable. Those who choose Vetus have the peace of mind of knowing that all the most essential systems will be able to function and perform even when pushed to their limits. This is because all the implants are meticulously designed to make sure that they complement each other and complement each other perfectly. In fact, the team of specialized engineers who design Vetus products work so that boaters can then enjoy their boating to the fullest and with peace of mind. That’s why all Vetus systems are both reliable and easy to install, but more than that-they require only minimal maintenance to be top-notch. All along then Vetus has prided itself on setting the global standard in boat systems, developing in-house solutions that leverage the best engineering resources because they are crucial products for the experience at sea. It is no surprise then that leading yacht builders turn to Vetus to create their best products. It has been since 1964 that the company has earned the trust of its customers through an unwavering commitment to quality. To all this today Vetus adds branches in 18 countries for a worldwide sales and service network: wherever you are there is a Vetus service near you. Finally, accessories have a standard 3-year warranty and while motors have a 5-year warranty.


Maxwell has a wide range of windlasses for all moorings, bow configurations, cockpit spaces and power needs. The vertical stainless steel RC series and the horizontal, automatic HRC series for line, chain or line/chain are for boats between 4.5 and 22 meters. The new RC12 automatic line/chain series is for lighter boats up to 24 meters. The VC multipurpose series is for all types of installations.


It is the new product line that offers a complete package with several modules: E-Line and E-Pod. Both have the Active Electric Braking system: the high torque of the electric motor is used to reverse the direction of rotation quickly. Built-in protection ensures that the battery bank is not damaged.


These thrusters have a truly “proportional” control by which the propeller increases rotational speed in proportion to how far, left or right, you push the control joystick knob. So the absorption of the maximum peak disappears with less stress on the batteries. What is new is the presence of a “booster”-this is a third connection that sends current to a charger inside the motor that turns the 12V input into a 24V output current. This allows a choice of 12 or 24V battery banks. The charger then recharges the batteries when the thruster is not in use.


All VETUS exhaust systems have high quality standards and important advantages: they meet ABYC standards; they are complete with fittings and swivel body for easy installation in any position; they have excellent noise reduction and minimal back pressure. Made of special Navidurin material-which withstands temperatures up to 260°C-these mufflers exceed the performance of standard polyester material by 170%.

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