Quality paint products for the marine industry

Stoppani, a Lechler brand since 2007, sells quality paint products in major European markets

Stoppani has a historical presence (since 1883) in the Italian market and has always dedicated itself with special attention to product quality and reliability. It has over the years established itself in the Yachting industry through qualified service to Resale customers and increasingly expanding distribution in major European markets. Stoppani’s product range is constantly evolving, making use of Lechler’s technological expertise, with the aim of offering reliable and innovative paint cycles with single- and two-component technology, capable of meeting the requirements of different nautical segments, both for new construction and refitting operations. The range of dedicated paint products includes: fillers, primers, anticorrosives, primers, enamels, antifoulants, and a high-quality tinting system. The color proposition, through the Isofan Marine line, is unique and distinctive to the industry and complements the preparation cycles to ensure pastel, metallic and pearl finishes with unparalleled brilliance, light stability and aging resistance for yachts, pleasure boats and sailboats. Only with Isofan Marine can you choose a color without compromise: with more than 1,500 pastel, 700 metallic and pearlescent colors and an endless range of colored undercoats to match the finish, you can customize any request in terms of color effect.
Stoppani’s technology proposals are enhanced by the services and technological and application solutions to support professional applicators.



ISOFAN MARINE – The best way of painting

Isofan Marine products are designed to provide finishes with unparalleled gloss, light stability and resistance to hull aging, with a unique and distinctive color proposition for the industry. Some proposals from the Isofan Marine line:
H.P. Premium, Classic and Fast Finish to achieve direct gloss finishes in pastel shades.
2K Basecoat + Clearcoat for double-layer metallic, pearl or pastel effect finishes, Structured to give your pastel finishes a pleasant “orange-peel” effect, and Matt for lovers of satin effects.


Thanks to a simplified application process and extraordinary lightness-it weighs only 600 kg/m3the innovative Stoppani stucco impresses with an extraordinary creaminess that facilitates the mixing of the two components while enhancing their trowelability. The special formulation helps shape retention within the templates and ensures very high standards of elasticity, adhesion and waterproofing.


It is a one-component clear coat enriched with UV filters, featuring high gloss and able to withstand the harshest weather conditions.


It is a two-component epoxy primer with high thickness and high anti-corrosive power. It provides an excellent water barrier and is mainly used for hull protection in cycles on steel, aluminum and gelcoat boats.

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