The flexible solar panels of the sailing champions

With Solbianflex’s patented technology, they use the most efficient cells on the market

With a history born from a passion for boating and a commitment to sustainability, Solbian has been in the photovoltaic industry since 2007, producing flexible solar panels in the province of Turin.
The layers that, between polymers and surface treatments, make up the envelope in which the cells are encapsulated, constitute a unique, patent-protected formula developed through long years of experimentation. Panels with Solbianflex technology use the most efficient solar cells on the market, capable of converting more than 24 percent of sunlight into electricity and thus offering high powers even in small spaces. Then, at only 2.5 kg per square meter, these modules offer an ultra-lightweight solution that makes customization a key factor: customers can choose the number of cells, color, shape and electrical characteristics to tailor the product to their needs.
This is complemented by an easy and intuitive installation that facilitates integration into various contexts of use, with various permanent or temporary attachment options. A truly comprehensive and durable product, the Solbian panel has earned the trust of outstanding navigators such as Giovanni Soldini, Ambrogio Beccaria, Boris Herrmann and many others, who have tested its capabilities in the most extreme conditions. Solbian is now a benchmark in the production of flexible solar panels, essential companions for those who embrace the beauty of sailing and responsibility to the environment.




TOP 2023 Accessories - SP Solbian Solar Panels

The SP series represents the top of the line, using Maxeon monocrystalline silicon back-contact cells capable of converting more than 24 percent of sunlight into electricity. Flexible, powerful and robust, the SP series panels are recommended for all installations where maximum reliability is required, without forgetting aesthetics.



The SR series high-efficiency monocrystalline cell is protected by two metal masks for double armor that makes the solar cell inherently flexible and protects it from shocks. A distributed electrical contact that allows operation even in case of damage. A guarantee of high efficiency that lasts.


Solbian SP AllInOne


Solar panel and charge controller: the ideal solution for enthusiasts and professionals.
All the necessary electronics are contained in a sealed, robust, waterproof shell-a sophisticated charge controller with MPPT algorithm. ALLinONE models can be combined by simply connecting them in parallel with the battery.

M. Gandhi Avenue, 21/B 10051 Avigliana (TO)
Tel. +39 011 9663512
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