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Who we are

We are a company established in 1993, a benchmark in sailing charter, sales and nautical services. At the end of the 2023 season, after three decades of hard work and success, we made the decision to close the chapter of our adventure in the charter industry. In response to this evolution, we have chosen to focus our energies on new and used sailboat sales and service and to embrace a new challenge by offering Smart Boat Owners to our clientele.

Smart Boat Owner

This is an innovative system of shared purchase of a boat or catamaran. With Smart Boat Owner you can become an owner of 1/6th of the boat of your dreams by investing very little money, incurring negligible maintenance costs, and use your boat with no thought except to enjoy your vacation. Utilization, 8 weeks per year for each owner, will be determined at the beginning of each year by a perfectly fair method. Upon notice, you may share the use with your relative or friend. It is a 6-year program designed to respond effectively to the needs of those who want to buy a boat without incurring heavy financial commitments, burdensome paperwork, and difficulties with management, as well as those who are boat owners and are well acquainted with the costs and problems involved in owning a boat.

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Boat management

The complete management of the boat is our responsibility: we take care of maintenance, troubleshooting, mooring, cleaning and the tedious paperwork, with the expertise and experience of 43° Parallel at the lowest prices in the market.

Transparency and functionality

Everything is managed through a specially designed app that allows everything to be monitored and verified at any time, without any need to interface with other owners. You can check your weeks of usage, track all estimates and work done, report any possible issues while you are sailing, check-in and check-out, request boat improvements, and many other features that will amaze you.


A range of extra services are available such as: equipment and personal items storage, linen service, equipment rental such as Gennaker Code 0 and SUP, transfer, galley on board and crew search. A Club will soon be in operation, which, in addition to offering a range of services and discounted rates to all shipowners, will allow them to exchange weeks of use at other bases in the Mediterranean.

Stock purchase example

With a budget of €66,000, you can become the owner of a top-equipped Sun Odyssey 410 and use it with your family or friends for 8 weeks a year with low running costs. At the end of the 6-year contract period, the boat will be sold and you can cash in about €46,000 or you can become a partner in a new boat. With Smart Boat Owner you will spend approximately the equivalent of the cost to charter an equivalent boat for 2 weeks in the high season but you will have 8 weeks with a boat you own maintained in unthinkable condition for a charter.

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