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“We are not the largest fleet of catamarans in Italy,” says Monica Canella of Shamandura Charter, “but the reason is simple: we have chosen to focus on the quality of our proposals of and our luxury boats, rather than on quantity. Our main goal is to offer a high-level experience to our guests, and for this reason we have thus focused our efforts on selecting a fleet composed mainly of large catamarans, Lagoon 630, Lagoon 62, F.P. Ipanema 58, Lagoon 52: all boats that offer large and comfortable spaces that can guarantee maximum comfort during a vacation at sea. For the same reason, our focus over the years has been increasingly on the crewed luxury charter formula, an exclusive service that puts the client’s needs at the center. As we are also well aware that luxury is not just about material goods, but more importantly instead about service and customer care, that is why we also have catamarans of other sizes in our fleet, such as Lagoon 50, Lagoon 46 and Lagoon 42. Finally, we can also offer a motor catamaran, the Lagoon 630, an innovative solution that combines comfort and speed.” Who chooses to take a boating vacation today and why? “A boating vacation is an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience. Therefore, our commitment is to make it possible for our guests to experience unforgettable emotions: we want this experience to leave them with indelible memories that will last forever We also understand that every vacation is different, precisely because every traveler is different. In fact, thanks to our experience and passion, Shamandura Charter is able to recommend to each client the boat that best suits their needs. Without forgetting that our idea of vacation also involves the gastronomic aspect: we have always wanted our guests to take with them, in addition to the exciting lights.” What are the most popular itineraries for the summer? “Aeolian Islands, Egadi Islands, Sardinia Amalfi Coast and Pontine Islands. In Sardinia, Corsica and the Cinque Terre, we have a motor yacht for both daily and weekly charters. Finally, thanks to many years of work in the field, we have developed and strengthened partnerships with important shipowners, both in the Mediterranean and in decidedly more exotic seas, and we can find the most suitable solution for everyone even on boats that are not our own.”


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