Sail Away

“Our mission is to accompany the owner in his choices so that the boat always remains a pleasure.”
(Paola Donadelli and Paolo Salomoni, founding partners of Sail Away Srl )

Sail Away, exclusive dealer in Italy of Amel, Allures and Garcia

Our experience begins as consultants to a number of boat owners who commission us to source the boat that best suits their needs on the international market.
Over the years, now some 30 years, we have specialized in so-called “cult” boats, such as Amel, Garcia and Allures, all yachts of high quality, both technically and aesthetically.

A definite field choice: to go for particular cruising boats, niche boats if you will, which in common have great quality.


Allures sailboats are aluminum sailboats with composite superstructures. Long-cruise yachts that combine all the qualities of offshore cruising: reliable, very well equipped, practical, maneuverable, extremely seaworthy and comfortable. But they are also beautiful and elegant boats with a recognizable style.

But Allures Yachting’s excellence is also the result of close and enduring relationships with its owners, sailors who share their stories and inspire ever more innovative solutions for absolute comfort both at sea and at anchor.


Garcia Yachts

Garcia Yachts has been designing and building internationally renowned ocean cruising yachts since 1974. Even today, its boats still lead the way as the standard in the world of aluminum sailboats, thanks to the excellence of the equipment, the talent of the partners and the boldness of the owners to whom the shipyard offers the highest standards of comfort, safety and quality workmanship.

Garcia Yachts allows you to sail wherever you want, farther, longer and in any weather. His philosophy: “to push the limits, to offer the best in all respects, for extraordinary journeys, in serenity.”



The Amel brand has rightfully become part of the legend. Amel boats are the brainchild of its founder, Henri Amel: “to build boats that everyone can use without necessarily being an out-of-the-ordinary sailor.”

In reality, this simple catch phrase hides sophisticated design to combine strength with lightness, the careful choice of materials-which must have structural prerogatives first and foremost and not just aesthetic ones-the manic workmanship so as to make reliable a vehicle that, by complexity and definition, is normally not.

The history of an Amel boat begins in the boatyard and continues with an impressive list of static and dynamic tests. He continues with the training of the new owner so that his boat has no secrets for him. It continues, then, with Amel After-Sales Service, an invaluable service that will never leave you, even many years from now.

These are the reasons why an Amel is the best choice for those who want to navigate easily, comfortably, in style and, above all, safely.


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