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Born 70 years ago in Melbourne, today Ronstan is a brand at the forefront of the boating industry

Ronstan’s history is as articulate as its product range. Since 1953 when in a Melbourne garage Ron Allat and Stan Lenepveu (hence the name!) decided to make small steel equipment for wooden boats, the company has evolved from a small Australian business to a global marine industry leader. What made Ronstan great was both the continuous research and innovation in products, from the small steel shackles to the elaborate rail and trolley systems used on the Maxi, and the development of a business that went beyond the national boundary, finding collaborators all over the world. Today it has offices in the U.S., Denmark, the U.K., Indonesia, and Australia and an extensive distribution network around the world. Ronstan products are designed by a team of engineers between Australia, the United Kingdom and Denmark, places where sailing is interpreted in different ways. The challenge is to combine all inputs to meet the needs of different markets. Thus in the Ronstan catalog there are dinghy blocks designed to achieve the best weight-to-strength ratio such as the new Series 40 Orbit, made of lashing aluminum with Torlon® bearings for the high loads of racing boats, or mainsail and jib rail and carriage systems from the basic size for dinghies to custom series for maxi yachts. Expanding the range are the Andersen winches, a historic Danish brand acquired by Ronstan, featuring the polished stainless steel bell. Ronstan has since developed beyond sailing and is the benchmark for certified rail and trolley systems for fall protection of super motor yachts with the Safety Rail range.


Series 40 Orbit blocks are Ronstan’s latest innovation. They are the strongest 40mm blocks available on the market, with working loads from 400kg to 1000kg. Thanks to the new sheave for lines up to 10mm in diameter, it is possible to take advantage of the new Series 40 Orbits in various applications previously only achievable with a 50mm or 55mm block. The range includes 23 variants: from the high load opening lashing block to the 5-pulley block for making 12:1 hoists.


Ronstan Triggersnaps are quick-release carabiners made of 15-5PH steel to achieve high working loads and excellent corrosion resistance: available in 3 working load ranges up to 2400kg and 2 versions with narrow or enlarged swivel attachment. Each carabiner is individually tested: the opening mechanism allows release under load, to be done safely using the spike.


Hoisting and lowering the mainsail has never been easier: Ronstan Ballslide trolleys are the only ones with a ball-bearing system that can slide in the mast channel without installing a rail. They are available in 2 sizes for sail areas up to 60 m2.


Made in Denmark, they are world-renowned for high quality in internal mechanisms and finishes. Ronstan owns the Andersen brand and carries on the tradition of these winches by maintaining the high manufacturing standards and innovating the range with new features in manual and motorized versions, such as the brushless Compact perfect for being above or below deck in tight spaces.

Ronstan International
Tel: +61 (0) 3 8586 2000
Ronstan Denmark
Tel: +45 76427777
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