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Innovation and technology perfecting the boat

Refit Style offers cutting-edge, tailor-made materials and solutions for walking surfaces

In more than 20 years of working with synthetics, Refit Style has distinguished itself as a leading company in the knowledge and processing of these extraordinary alternatives to classic coatings, providing consulting, design, manufacturing and installation services. Strength, along with knowledge and mastery in material processing, is the ability to tailor operations to personal needs and the type of boats to be refinished or remodeled.
Refit Style has long focused on researching innovations and developing processes and technologies that support customers in having products of both structural and aesthetic quality, while maintaining the same attention to detail that it has always provided. Hence, Cooldeck was born, thanks to the synergy of two companies with the strong inclination toward innovation and sustainability and meticulous attention to customer needs. Cooldeck is the innovative synthetic resin teak that, thanks to industrialized processing by CNC, gives the possibility of customization of the walking surface in design, design and coloration. It is cooler than teak wood or pvc by 8 to 10 degrees and cannot be attacked by mold or bacteria. It is UV and weather resistant and insensitive to temperature changes. Containing no wood or plastic, it fits right in with the new environmentally sustainable materials used in cutting-edge nautical design.
Virtue that is becoming increasingly important in yachting geared toward finding solutions to reduce emissions.



Eliteek is the fusion of tradition and innovation: related to the traditional wooden deck, it is the solution for ease of maintenance and cleaning, which has led thousands of owners to use synthetic material as a conscious and optimal choice.



Proposed by Refit Style, RSDesign is a production area entirely dedicated to the creation of accessories and add-ons to be used and complemented by the boat’s outfitting. As the company continues to evolve, special attention has been paid to developing alternative solutions to the use of mockup molds.



Our RS Design product line is unique in its ability to reproduce natural materials or customizations while ensuring weather and UV resistance.


Innovation and technology are the guidelines of Cooldeck the Eco-sustainable walking surface material that combines refined aesthetics with technical and practical needs, also contributing to the realization of “green friendly” projects.

Refit Style Srl
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