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Success = availability of product and services

The recipe from Race Nautica, a Fountaine Pajot dealer, is simple and remarkably effective

Founded in 1998 and now an established leader in the sale of Fountaine Pajot catamarans, Giovanni Tarantino’s Race Nautica Marine boasts four sales outlets: one at the port of Punta Ala, Puntone di Scarlino, Marina Cala de’ Medici and Cala Galera. The company bases its success on two key points. Product availability and customer service. “Having the boats ready for delivery from us is very important,” Tarantino reveals. “In the world of catamarans, the average expectation for a new boat is two years; we can deliver it in a few months, outfitted according to the owner’s needs thanks to our warehouse. In addition, we are able to take back any used boat from the owner who wishes to change boats. This strategy has proven us right, and we sell more than 30 boats a year, to a clientele that is becoming increasingly international (we recently sold Fountaine Pajot catamarans in Japan and Australia).” Among the services offered to those who want to buy a Fountaine Pajot cat (which boasts 8 models from 40 to 80 feet), there are not only management programs but also a long-term rental formula: “The customer chooses the boat: either on ready delivery or to order, customized as he wants. Then, he does not have to make any initial down payment, but pays only the annual installments (usually four) of the boat rental, which remains in Race Nautica’s name. The installments include insurance and maintenance assistance based on the customer’s hours of use of the boat. The contract is usually on a two-year basis. The customer can even choose the name of the boat!” Convenient and simple. And judging by Race Nautica’s numbers, the formula is more than appreciated.



AURA 51 (15.84 X 8.08 M)

Race Nautica Marine - Aura 51
Race Nautica Marine – Aura 51

An up-to-date cruising multihull, available with four different layouts to meet all cruisers’ needs. The spacious flybridge is interesting, large and enhanced by solar panels capable of producing 2000 watts of renewable energy.

ELBA 45 (13.45 X 7.55 M)

Race Nautica Marine - Elba 45
Race Nautica Marine – Elba 45

Among the most popular Fountaine Pajot models at Race Nautica Marine is the Elba 45, which boasts energetic lines and inverted bows. Inside, the spaces are XXL and bright, and on deck it is enhanced by spacious lounging areas, both in the bow and in the cockpit.

Waterfront Building 2/H58040 Punta Ala (GR)
Tel: 0564-923475 info@racenautica.it
Loc. Strut, Scarlino Via delle Scuole 2/c
Tel: 0566-866256 info@racenautica.itwww.racenautica.it
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