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In the magic of the Gulf of Poets a complete and hospitable marina

It is a safe and fully equipped berth, staffed to satisfy shipowners who recognize the quality of services: not just moorings, but a shipyard with skilled workers for the needs of every boat, from hauling to carpentry, painting, and refitting vintage boats. Innovation, security and privacy are the references always monitored by the Marina then to be in line and indeed, ahead of the needs of the boating world

The port

Because of the quality and quantity of services offered, Porto Lotti is the place to always feel at home. A private clubhouse-style atmosphere, relaxing and equipped with comfortable convivial spaces, stores and sports facilities, but also by a Convention Hall, where social gatherings, cultural events and social life are staged. A relaxed environment where you can find privacy and relaxation, harmony and worldliness. Protected by a natural gulf, the moorings ensure maximum berth security combined with all-weather exit agility. With berths from 12 to over 100 meters, the 500 berths ensure a comprehensive and modulated offering for all range of needs, in size, duration or services. The expanded New Dock has also increased its offer of berths for superyachts, adapting its range of services created ad hoc, to meet the needs of boats and crews. Not forgetting The Porto Lotti Shipyard, which provides boat management, yard and storage, services that vary according to needs, to ensure advice, protection, safety and customer care at all times. Excellence and quality have always come first at the Porto Lotti shipyard through the use of modern equipment, state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled professionals. The 160-ton travel lift is the beating heart of our work area, which is complemented by a 40-ton crane and 3 boat trolleys (40, 60, 120 tons). Machinery that allows hauling and all kinds of necessary operations: from routine maintenance to more structural work, to restoration of vintage boats. Skilled craftsmen, technicians, and professionals work together for comprehensive, quality management and maintenance of each vessel.

Where it is located – Liguria (La Spezia)

Located within the enchanting Gulf of Poets, in the Gulf of La Spezia, opposite Portovenere and the islands of Palmaria and Tino is at the center of a unique nautical area, near the Cinque Terre Park.

Useful info

Phone: 0187 532207
Site: portolotti.com
Total no. of places: 500
Length meters max: 100
Pesc. max: 9 meters

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