Chartering a boat for vacation also requires the right insurance: Pantaenius Charter policies are tailored with a range of guarantees that can best protect every cruise. Such as the “Charter Deposit Insurance” policy (up to 20,000 euros): covers the financial risk in case the boat is damaged and the renter decides to keep part or all of the deposited amount, regardless of whether this is justified. And this is without deductible if the damage exceeds 100 euros. Or here are the policies “Charter Trip Cancellation Insurance” and “Charter Insolvency Risk Insurance” (up to 40,000 euros): in addition to covering the contractually due charter cancellation costs, they take care of the expenses of the outward and return trip resulting from the non-availability of a non-professional skipper or one or more crew members. Or, if the trip is interrupted after starting, also the costs incurred for the return trip and the remaining part of the rental cost. Optionally, charter fees paid if the chartered boat or an equivalent is not available due to the insolvency of the charter agency or charter operator may be covered. The “Charter Skipper Liability Insurance” product also covers damage caused to third parties during the use of the chartered boat, and its tender, by the skipper and crew members. Included in the insured risks is damage to other vessels and port facilities or dock. And again, damages resulting from gross negligence on board the vessel that are not covered by the shipowner’s body insurance are also included. With the policy “Chartered Insurance Medical Expenses Abroad,” it is possible to have reimbursement, in addition to the costs of medical treatment, medical care and hospitalization, of health insurance for travel abroad and transportation to the home country or the costs of repatriation of the body in case of death. And all this without limitation of the amounts reimbursed. Finally, “Charter Accident Insurance” is that charter accident insurance that provides valuable coverage in case of death and disability. The skipper and crew are insured during private use of the chartered or leased yacht, tender and water sports equipment as well as trips ashore. How to buy charter products? Underwriting is quick and easy, and policies can be activated in minutes from the comfort of home by clicking on the website



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