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Present in the market for over 50 years, the group is a guarantee for innovation and quality

Ocean Signal-the world’s leading manufacturer of satellite and land-based beacons operating within the ACR Group-uses advanced technologies and quality manufacturing processes to produce electronic life-saving devices and other life-saving products for sea-goers. Advanced maritime safety and rescue technology developed in the new EPIRB3 with AIS combines innovative features with a compact, ergonomic housing that is ideal for all types of recreational and commercial vessels. Rescue times can improve with global activation combined with local AIS transmission. The new EPIRB3 Pro with its contoured profile is suitable for sail and power boats. Whether in recreational or commercial settings, customers can be assured that the capabilities of this new EPIRB offer the greatest chance of an efficient and successful rescue, no matter where they are. A number of high-tech features in the EPIRB3 Pro combine with a unique design that allows it to be used effectively on all types of vessels, whether working or sailing near the coast, offshore, or crossing the globe. As a leading company in life-saving products for both professional and recreational use, Ocean Signal is also proud to offer the PLB3. As the “first” personal tracking device in the world to include AIS and also the “first” PLB in the world to include NFC, it is safe to say that the PLB3 should be the first safety choice to make when going to sea.




With the introduction of A/S (automatic identification system) functionality, Return Link Service (RLS) technology and proximity communication (NFC) in a 406 MHz personal location tool (PLB), rescueME PLB3 represents a major step forward in the evolution of PLBs. The fusion of 406 MHz emergency messages and AIS functionality effectively couples both global and local rescue, maximizing access to the most effective rescue resources available.



They are the complete 406 MHz global distress beacons supplied with an auto-release float-free bracket, encapsulating a range of functions with a modern and compact design that includes A/S technology. The A/S provides rescuers with accurate and reliable information about the current location, speeding up rescue operations. In addition, the Return Link Service (RLS) confirms to beacon activators that their distress message has been received.

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