ECO Yachts

ECO Yachts was founded by the creators of nlcomp with the goal of producing and marketing boats with zero environmental impact. To achieve this mission, the company adopts recyclable construction technologies and renewable energy sources. ECO Yachts is the first brand in boating to offer boats whose climate neutrality has been verified by a third party. The company takes responsibility for its emissions by offsetting them to counterbalance the negative effects on the climate. The ECO Yachts range will include both sailing and motor boats.

ecoracer 30

The ecoracer30 is a 9-meter sailboat designed by Matteo Polli, who has extensive experience in designing boats capable of winning ORC titles.

The ecoracer30 was developed based on the experience gained with the ecoracer25 prototype, which was awarded European Yacht of the Year at Boot Dusseldorf andEco-Focused Boat of The Year at the IBI Metstrade Boat Builders Awards. This prototype also won the Italian Sportboat Championship in 2022, proving that sustainability and performance can go hand in hand. The ecoracer30 features an excellent power-to-weight ratio, which contributes to its high performance. Although designed primarily as a one-design boat, it is expected to perform well in ORC/IRC races as well. The design philosophy of the ecoracer30 emphasizes versatility over extreme specialization. The goal was to create a boat that was easy to manage and enjoyable to sail, while obviously prioritizing sustainability. To further improve the overall sustainability of the project, some molds from a previous project were reused, thus reducing costs and environmental impact. The sails on the ecoracer30 are 4T Forte by One Sails, currently the only recyclable sails on the market. They can be easily recycled and reused to make accessories, such as sail components, markers or sunglasses.

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