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The sustainable lightness of catamarans according to Neo

Can there be a sporty and comfortable catamaran? Yes, Neo 410 and 560 Cat are the perfect example of this

Neo Yachts also enters the world of catamarans with the new Neo 410 Cat and Neo 560 Cat.
“But without compromising,” Paolo Semeraro, a strong sailor and founder and owner of the Italian shipyard that has made performance boats its trademark, assures us. Semeraro continued:
“We realized that there are basically two types of catamarans on the market. Either the ‘seaside villas,’ where the mast is an optional extra, or the ultratuned racing ones, where interior comfort is spartan with ocean-sailing berths. Hence our challenge. To produce catamarans without betraying Neo’s DNA, that is, to produce light and fast composite boats with structural elements, with a great righting moment, on board of which you have to forget about the engine, even in breezy conditions. “In summary,” Semeraro continues, “a catamaran, to be a Neo-style fast cruiser, must be:
– light – wide to create much righting moment – have generous sail area – generally sail with a hull above water to decrease wetted surface area.
Based on these concepts and comparison with the VPPs (speed prediction programs comforted by real data) of our already very fast monohulls, we have designed cats that go in some cases even faster than our monohulls, yet offer almost twice the interior habitability.” The secret? When designing, always start from the final displacement.



NEO 410 CAT (12.48 X 7.65 M)

Neo Yachts - Neo 410 Cat
Neo Yachts – Neo 410 Cat

It is the “small” catamaran from Neo Yachts. Made of carbon fiber, it will weigh less than four tons. The boat’s large beam increases its righting moment. The deck is high (>0.8 meters above the water), this facilitates wave navigation.

NEO 560 CAT (17.01 X 8.55 M)

Neo Yachts - Neo 560 Cat - Stern
Neo Yachts – Neo 560 Cat – Stern

On this cat the theme of performance is complemented by that of total indoor comfort. A “bolide” made of carbon fiber but with significant space below deck and an XXL square. All in 14 tons of displacement. Not bad for a 17 meters!

Neo Yachts & Composites S.P. 231 km 77.800 c/o Città Mercato 70032 Bitonto (BA) – Italy
Phone: +39 342 01 27 910
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