Today’s boat owner, the 4.0 owner as it is fashionable to call him, can control all the crucial functions of his boat from his phone: batteries, tanks, speed, temperature, and even prevent accidents… Dealers, shipyards and rental companies, boat owners: Nauticoncept offers all players in the boating industry the solution they’ve been waiting for!

Nauticoncept adapts to its customers’ needs to streamline processes, manage a fleet of boats, digitize their operations, and provide quality service to owners and users.

Nauticoncept is the boat fleet operational management solution

With the Nauticsafe App, boaters, boat renters and boatyards can finally monitor their boat’s activity live.

Boat vitals can be supervised, accidents can be prevented, and maintenance needs can be anticipated. The App also shows the route of each trip, as well as the location, distance, average speed and engine hours.

Nauticoncept was created in 2016 by 4 co-founders, driven by a passion for nautical activities and new technologies.

Always attentive to the demands of the market, Nauticoncept teams have developed software and electronic solutions to adapt to its every evolution.

To do this, Nauticoncept can count on more than 135 partners, facilitators and clients, for whom it has implemented progressive solutions, always striving for excellence.

The applications developed by Nauticoncept can be adapted to customers’ organizations to make their processes more optimal, manage their fleet, digitize their business, and offer quality service to boat owners and users.

Owners or charters, Nauticoncept has the solution for you!

How does Nauticoncept work?

Nauticoncept digitizes and centralizes all data from the boats in your fleet, integrating data related to maintenance work and daily use of the fleet.

Nauticoncept responds to 3 central needs:

  • The creation of tailored maintenance procedures and real-time monitoring of the work performed by the various technicians on board
  • Real-time surveillance of on-board systems for the purpose of ensuring their proper use
  • Managing check-in and check-out during a charter (photos, explanations, location of various equipment).

Nauticoncept for shipyards

Nauticoncept’s services also perfectly meet the needs of shipyards, providing a valuable tool for managing and optimizing maintenance processes and communicating in real time with its customers about the work performed.


“The tools proposed by Nauticoncept have made it possible to progressively change our company’s working methods, especially through the digitization of data. The Top Charter team has thus been able to significantly increase its efficiency.”

Thomas Origet, Top Charter


Nauticoncept in figures…

  • 150 partners
  • 5 years of existence
  • 140 customers
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