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From the Alps to the sea. Montura, brand known to every mountain lover, has been present for several years now in the nautical clothing market with a line full of innovative and technological solutions, created after years of research and development in the sailing world.

By the side of those who love adventure

Searching a new way, Montura spirit. Exploration, Adventure, Travel: man has always been searching, inside and outside himself, for new spaces, new languages, new ways of living and seeing the world. It is the dimension of being Montura, a new path to be cleared, a trail to be plowed, a path to be followed, a vision to be realized.

Montura is for those who have goals and objectives, but are also looking for a style to achieve them. Each Montura garment is born in the field, in the mountains, on the wall or at sea, it is woven with the action and experience of athletes, mountaineers and sailors. A seam, a pocket, the search for materials, every detail is an organic and harmonious part of a functional, practical and ergonomic whole.

That’s why Montura directly participates in the projects of athletes engaged in different disciplines, from ski mountaineering to climbing to sailing, runners or high-altitude mountaineers: companions of adventure, allies of enterprise. Through their different looks they explore virgin territories and focus ideas.

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