Medplastic, time to take action!

Medplastic is an initiative created in 2018 by the magazines Giornale della Vela and Barche a Motore in the wake of the huge following of the “No Plastic” summer campaign, which involved thousands of plastic hunters around the Mediterranean. Medplastic’s goal is to safeguard our sea through two avenues: information and concrete action.

Medplastic: “No Plastic” contest.

Every summer for the past two years, Medplastic has organized the “No Plastic by Navico” contest in which it invites all boaters to become “plastic hunters” with their boats, spurring them to document the collection with selfies, videos and photos. Prizes are then awarded to the three most active hunters. In 2019 alone, 2,000 hunters were involved, collecting 3,500 kilograms of plastic.

Medplastic: the Ecomariner’s Manifesto.

That the sea is in danger is nothing new. Medplastic has created an Ecomariner’s Manifesto with one goal: to respect and enforce respect for the sea. The Manifesto was created by talking with “eco-sailors” (like Matteo Miceli) and experts and is a list of good boating habits and behaviors for sailing with zero impact and taking care of your sea. Make this manifesto your own, download it, share it, the Mediterranean needs you.

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Medplastic Operation “ecoports”

Last but not least, Medplastic set out to survey Italian ports and then ask them if they comply with simple, but effective, eco-friendly behaviors. Find the list of ecoports, continuously updated, HERE

What are the parameters to be met to become an ecoport?

1 – Presence in the Marina/Port of Ecological Islands for the disposal of special waste (Batteries, cans of expired paint…).

2 – Presence in the Marina/Port of a system for the withdrawal of black water and bilge water (i.e., water that has oily residues and therefore needs to be filtered or stored in bins that are withdrawn periodically)

3 – Presence in the Marina/Port of automatic plastic collection devices or periodic organization of manual cleaning actions (i.e., moorings with nets)

4 – Presence or absence of an awareness program at the secretariat or at the moorings (plastic collection kits or pamphlets on recycling, black water, and plastic damage to be given to boats in transit)

5 – Presence or absence of the Blue Flag for more than one year (the flag is given but then must be maintained over time)

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