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Sirena Marine, cutting-edge technology, craftsmanship skills

Founded in 2006 by Kıraça Holding, Sirena Marine is a leading manufacturer in both the marine and automotive industries.

The vision of Mermaid Marine

Sirena Marine’s vision is to develop internationally renowned yachting brands by drawing on the talents of world-leading designers, such as Germán Frers, Cor D. Rover, Rob Humphreys, Tommaso Spadolini, and Giovanni Ceccarelli, and combining their expertise with its own hard-won manufacturing experience and considerable engineering know-how.

This approach has already borne fruit in Sirena’s award-winning Azuree Sailing Brand, the outstanding Euphoria Luxury Sailing Series, and Sirena’s newest Motor Yachts.

Having found that its skills can be successfully applied outside the yachting sphere, Sirena has recently expanded into the production of composite and stainless steel components for the rail, automotive, defense, and heavy equipment industries.

The company’s passionate commitment to quality and brand development worldwide has attracted customers from all over the world, from Europe to the United States, Australia to China.

Sirena Marine: total control of production

Cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled craftsmanship skills. All Sirena Marine product lines are manufactured in the company’s factory, where more than 600 employees-including 80 engineers-work in a 155,000-square-meter area.

By keeping major manufacturing activities in-house, such as stainless steel, furniture, teak and upholstery, as well as all composite parts, the company continues to build its experience and expertise, which has led Sirena Marine to become one of the leading yacht manufacturers in the Mediterranean region.

All of Sirena Yachts’ hulls and decks are built using the vacuum infusion method, which allows Sirena Marine to combine today’s technology with the established principles of nautical craftsmanship.

Tools and processes are co-engineered with suppliers from around the world, where 400 years of craftsmanship and passion in yacht building ensure meticulous execution and attention to detail.




Address and contact information


Sirnew – Exclusive Distributor for Mediterranean – Italy, France, Spain, Monaco, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece:

Via Ottavio Revel 5, 10121 Torino (TO) – Italy

Alexander Valentine

tel. +39 342 1742727


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