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My name is Lucas, I am the administrator of MadMax Nautical Franchising, and 20 years ago I made a decision that revolutionized my life. I left a job with good economic security to chase a dream and try to combine my passion with work. Today I can say that I made the right choice and can prove to those who have the same dream as me that combining passion and work is possible. MadMax Nautical Franchising was established in the 1999, quickly grows and expands by personally covering all the neuralgic sectors of the charter world so as to drastically cut down costs by directly controlling all management stages, from boat outfitting and maintenance to reservation management to technical preparation of the prospective owner/skipper.

With 20 years of experience in nautical chartering, professional skipper school unique in Europe, to a boatyard with berths both in the water and on land, and to privileged relationships with the best professionals in the technical, legal, and commercial fields, the MadMax company is recognized internationally as a reference point for boating vacations and for those who, as entrepreneurs or as sailors, want to make their passion for the sea their work. Visit our website
to discover the wonderful world of sea and catamaran vacations.

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