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Welcome to the world of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team, the Italian challenge to the world’s oldest and most prestigious sports competition. Now we’re getting into the swing of things: follow the XXXVI edition of the America’s Cup with us.


Cup returns. Luna Rossa returns

The editorial by Luca Oriani, editor of the Sailing Newspaper

America’s Cup returns. And Luna Rossa returns. Great news for sailing enthusiasts. But not only that. The America’s Cup is the quintessential sporting event, the oldest in modern times. And everyone who loves any sport owes gratitude to sailing, which first created an event that involved the entire globe.

Prior to 1851, when the first edition of the America’s Cup was held, which was tentatively called the “100 Guineas Cup,” sports competitions practically did not exist; they were small local events, not even national ones, where in a still tribal way, whoever beat the other, in the name of strength, was worth. To understand it, we would fight until the winner landed the opponent. And what war was not but a contest, terrible and bloody, of who won between two teams of contenders. Soccer was still there to come, born only in embryo in 1863. The first Olympics were held in 1896.

In short, we sailing enthusiasts should be proud, we “invented” the modern sport. This America’s Cup, which starts in mid-December 2020 and ends in March 2021, what will it be like? Beautiful. Not Listen to those who tell you that only four nations, only four boats are participating. The beauty of the America’s Cup is not measured by the quantity of participants. It has never been like this in its more than 100-year history.

The America’s Cup is something else. It is a challenge on the sea (the most unpredictable element on the planet) conducted on objects that are propelled by the wind (pure ecology) that are as good as man can conceive (technology at the masismi levels). All this, already staggering, then has its sublime completion in the human element. A group of people representing a nation, each the best there can be in skills, leads a boat to the “one to one” clash with another country…

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