A wonderful destination, very close to Italy even for those arriving on a sailing cruise, the Gulf of Kvarner is a mix of many destinations, all beautiful and unique. In fact, this beautiful region of Croatia emerges as a truly privileged territory for those who dream of having a thousand-and-one night boat vacation but staying just a “step” away from home. What makes the Kvarner destination unique then are not only its magnificent coastlines, bays, and islands, but also that unique mix of history, art, and lush nature that is all around but always within reach. Only in the Kvarner Gulf have artistic and cultural influences been intertwined for centuries due to its “open” geographic position on the Adriatic Sea from which historical and beautiful locations such as Opatija (Opatija), Rijeka (Rijeka), Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski have also benefited. Of course, for those who dream of the perfect cruise, it is the spectacular Kvarner Islands that first and foremost portray the perfect places in which to unfurl their sails. From Krk (Krk) to Rab (Rab), from Cres (Cres) to Lošinj (Lošinj), “under” the peninsula of Istria opens up a magical world perfect for active outdoor vacations, such as sea vacations and more: behind the fantastic coastline still opens up the mountainous massif of Gorski Kotar as well as numerous protected reserves home to dolphins, griffon vultures, bears, wolves and lynx. Kvarner is a magical and ancient land that has always been devoted to the sea, within which in fact one of the main trades has always been fishing, combined of course with shipbuilding and the art of sailing. Precisely by also preserving this its historic maritime heritage and the tradition of “navigare necesse est,” today this Gulf rich in unique islands gives Italian boaters some of the most beautiful nautical routes in the Mediterranean. Not to mention that sun exposure and the number of hours of sunshine per year, sea and air temperature, and wind direction and speed make Kvarner an almost ideal area for sailing enthusiasts. What itinerary or route to choose then to discover Kvarner by boat? One of the most attractive is from Opatija (Opatija), a delightful seaside resort into which one arrives by boat from Italy quickly, although alternatively one can rent a sailboat in the nearby Icici Marina. The next stop may include a stop in Mali Lošinj (Mali Lošinj), but don’t forget to sail along the coast of Cres to admire the village of Lubenice, erected on a cliff nearly 400 meters high. Also magnificent is the village of Rab (Rab) on the island of the same name: its Renaissance-era center welcomes sailors with views of its famous four bell towers. Here again is the island of Krk, which is home to many beauties in addition to the well-equipped Punat Marina.


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