Thanks to more than 40 years of history, Kiriacoulis is a leader-being first group in the Mediterranean and third in the world-in the nautical charter sector, so much so that it offers a fleet of more than 400 boats and 25 bases in the Mediterranean, plus one in the Caribbean. Also for 2023, it provides clients with both crewed boats for “comfortable” cruisers and unmanned boats for the real sea wolves. Another key element is that Kiriacoulis Holiday is the only nautical operator to be a member of ASTOI (the association of Confindustria of Italian tour operators): this is why it benefits from the ASTOI guarantee fund, which allows reimbursement to the tourist in case of problems with the realization of the vacation. And as of this year, he is also a member of As.Tu.Na, Nautical Tourism Association. Just for 2023, however, there are other big news: first with the entry into the fleet of the new C-Cat 37 Comar, a very fast catamaran that won the 2023 Boat of the Year award. It is now available for nautical charter in only 2 examples, one of them with Kiriacoulis from the Portisco base in Sardinia. And another great new feature of Kiriacoulis is the new base at Rodi Garganico in Apulia, from which a 30-mile sail takes you to the first Croatian island, Pelagosa, from which you can decide to continue on to Croatia or tack to go and explore the beautiful Tremiti Islands. Next, Kiriacoulis’ safe vacation guarantee policy continues: a free cancellation and accident guarantee has been introduced. Customers who book a vacation package with Kiriacoulis Holiday are then offered cancellation insurance to protect their vacation from the moment of booking and throughout the duration of the trip. Not only that: in addition to the cancellation guarantee, the policy offers important assistance benefits in case of illness or injury during the trip, reimbursement of medical expenses up to 15,000 euros (for foreign countries), baggage protection reimbursement of lost vacation days if the vacation is interrupted for serious reasons, and liability coverage in case of damage to property or persons. Finally, the coverage is also understood to operate for cases of trip cancellation and interruption attributable to Covid-19. Finally confirmed is the “Promo Sardinia”: Kiriacoulis Holiday gives away the ferry ride to the island and its own charter boat, thanks to an agreement made with the Moby Lines ferry company. For Olbia, Kiriacoulis customers will be able to embark by having 2 passenger deck passes and 1 car pass for free.


Phone: 0564 923219
Mediterranean bases: 25 including Greece, italy, Malta, France, turkey and Croatia

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