Sparks of a new boating ethic from the Venice Boat Show

When you step off a boat at the dock, you have a good chance that there is an Ingemar-branded dock under your feet. It all started in 1979 when Lorenzo Isalberti, president and founder of Ingemar, who was passionate about the sea, invented a new business, that of building on water the land. After more than four decades, he sums up the work of Ingemar (an acronym for Maritime Engineering) this way: “It is work that we are passionate about and gives us the same excitement as when we first built land on water forty years ago.” He continues: “Ingemar is a long history of us doing very different works and participating in ventures we would not have imagined, such as building on a sea that did not exist before, a sea in the desert.” And if we are talking about products, to understand where Ingemar has come today from the pioneering days of the first small boat dock four decades ago, one only has to remember that it has made the most impressive floating docks for mega-yachts and the largest mass-produced floating breakwaters in the world. We are talking about giant 20x10m modules, 2.5m high and weighing as much as 185t. A specialization, that of floating barriers of variable length and geometry to protect modern floating marinas that magically reduce wave motion within the mooring dock significantly, in which Ingemar is a world leader. Accomplishments that have been refined over time, today Ingemar is the only company in the industry that produces and “invents” solutions covering virtually all floating elements that make up structures and protections on water. The only one, for example, that can build a complete marina from A to Z, making both pontoons and floating breakwaters, as Ingemar’s founder proudly says.

Where it is located – Milan / Casale sul Sile (Treviso)

Ingemar has been installing floating pontoons and breakwaters worldwide since 1979 and is among the few companies in the industry with production autonomy; it is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and its factories are located in Casale sul Sile, Treviso, Italy.

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Phone: 0422 702412
Facebook: Ingemar Group
Instagram: Ingemar_1979

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