Ice Yachts

ICE Yachts, how an Italian excellence is born

ICE Yachts is a new business entity, young in brand, but not in experience.

It was born from the meeting of professionals with a passion for innovative materials, who wanted to bring together their interests and know-how, trained some in boating, some in motoring (Paris Dakar rally), within the newly formed ICE Yachts.
The goal of ICE Yachts is the application of special technologies aimed at custom made products in the fields of both boating, architecture, high – tech industry and automotive.

Among the first steps was the establishment in the Salvirola (Cremona) warehouses and the reuse of manpower and skilled technicians from the famous CN Yacht 2000 shipyard, to which new forces were added to the shipyard’s direct employees. To complete the workforce, there are also craftsmen in the company who specialize in various fields, such as carpentry, fiberglass, and plumbing.

The numerous boats built, authorize to think that in this market segment the strong skilled workforce, now partially merged into ICE Yachts srl, has distinguished itself by its construction skills. These capabilities are also corroborated by the designers of some renown with whom we collaborate, who choose our reality to carry out their best projects certain of the excellent end result dictated by these synergies.

The facility has recently started making custom-made carbon booms for the light industry sector, prototypes in the field of furniture, and is in negotiations for three major new sailing hulls, which to date are and remain the company’s core -business.

Ice Yachts – Concept & Design

The Ice Yachts team develops in-house, supported by leading nautical architects and designers, the preliminary design of the boat. This is the initial phase in which both positioning and goals at the level of performance and space utilization are defined.

Ice Yachts takes care of all the structural aesthetics and plumbing aspects of the project, interiors, materials, sail plan, and deck equipment, creating a great mix of design, functionality, and performance, because a true ICE Yacht must have a winning look but be equally efficient and fast.


Ice Yachts and the Hull

The hull of a sailboat is the core on which the whole project is based. If it is successful, the bulk of the work of making a “great boat” is accomplished.

We at Ice Yachts believe that a winning hull must encapsulate two essential concepts, development of design waterlines that allow it to perform out of the ordinary combined with cutting-edge construction technique and technologies employed to be robust and lightweight.

Only a shipyard with strong technical know-how, which has its foundation on many boats built over the years and a team of people with strong experience gained over the years, has the ability to be at the forefront of these two aspects and can make boats that stand out from the rest.

Fundamental is the 360-degree view of the product, to conceive and implement it using the best of experience, past but innovating and improving the concept boat by boat.

Ice Yachts in tandem with Felci Yacht Design has proven in recent years that it is able to conceive and build consistently winning boats based on the following qualities:

  • Fast boats and marinas.
  • All-round hulls, fast both upwind and downwind, little to no wind.
  • Elegant boats with current lines that do not lose their appeal over time.
  • Hulls constructed of epoxy resin and vacuum-infused carbon hybrid fabrics to provide strength, light weight, without taking away from comfort of ‘use.
  • The care and engineering of reinforcement structures, laminated in place, one by one under
    vacuum, the guarantee of a superior quality boat.
  • Deck plans designed to interpret the best features of a boat that today’s
    allows you to race at your best and tomorrow accompany you on a comfortable cruise.
  • Fundamental to the choice on boats over 60 feet of lifting keel, which premises superior performance and safety in being able to access most landings with a reasonable draft.
  • Hulls also designed and built to cross oceans, for shipowners who do not set navigational limits on themselves.
  • Hulls designed and built to make you dream as you sail fast and safely, admired once moored in port.

Our mission: to make boats with which our owners can travel as many miles as possible, whether cruising or racing, in safety and comfort but at high averages.


The interiors of ICE Yachts are designed following the following guiding concepts, design, space management, practicality of life on board, and comfort. The details, the finishes, and the quality of the woods and woods used are the best on the market. We do constant research to sift through what is new and what materials are available.

The shipyard proposes a neo-classical look with an interplay between teak, which on board means tradition, but which is worked with horizontal striping and contrasted with modern design elements and light colors of the ceiling and side panels of the plexiglass windows. There are also inlaid details of dark brown leather, embellishing the dinettes table and cupboard doors.

In the bathrooms, carbon sink tops and a carbon insert where the shower unit is housed. The teak dunnage, but worked with millings that mimic the planks of a large parquet floor. As an alternative, the shipyard also offers an interior in bleached essence, with a light-colored and very bright effect, developed with the collaboration of our Swedish agent following a Scandinavian input of light and bright colors declined with Italian design.

The ductility of the shipyard and the close collaboration with Felci Yachts Design studio also allow us to study and choose other materials following the tastes of our clients.

Ice Yachts facilities

Facilities are a fundamental component of boats, enabling their operation and maneuvering, and all on-board functions. Two steps are important, the choice of components to be assembled and the type of assembly made.

When choosing components, experience gained from many years of using them on board is very important, there the true goodness of the component is measured both as operational performance and durability.
Ice Yachts puts a great deal of effort into the research and selection of on-board accessories and equipment with a constant search for what is new in the market.

The design of the facilities and their workmanlike implementation are very important. One must analyze where to mount the different components and think that the components will need to be maintained in the future.
So everything must be accessible in the best possible way, the transitions between the various rooms of the boat well thought out and rational.

The site’s experience and know-how enable us to make efficient and very reliable installations. Small batch construction, without dozens of counter-molds, allow for affordability unmatched in boats offered on the market today.

We also have opportunities to interact with the customer to equip the boat according to his or her wishes and needs.

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