The lightest and strongest aluminum tenders

Lower fuel consumption, excellent performance and unique comfort for all boating needs

Highfield’s aluminum rigid keel tenders are the result of the continuing evolution of the shipyard, a company that is an international leader in the production of inflatable boats. Highfield tenders have as their main characteristic lightness, a quality that has made them famous all over the world. In fact, for the same size compared to a fiberglass hull tender, aluminum saves about 30 percent in weight. This allows a lower horsepower engine to be applied without affecting the overall performance of the vehicle, which, translated, means consuming less fuel. Aluminum also does not absorb water, and even after many years, unlike fiberglass hulls, the weight of a Highfield boat will remain the same as the day it left the yard. In fact, thanks to these tender features, choosing a Highfield also means respecting the environment. In addition to lower fuel consumption, hence emissions, the aluminum from which the fairings are molded is recyclable in perpetuity. In addition, a not insignificant feature, aluminum is much stiffer and sturdier enough to provide a firm and smooth passage over the wave at the same time.
All dinghies in the Ultralight, Classic and Sport lines can be equipped with a console upon request and boast high-quality finishes to best meet market needs. It is no coincidence that the stern of the vast majority of touring catamarans, sailboats, and motor yachts contains a Highfield tender.



Like the entire Ultralite range, Ultralite 290 is made of 2.5 mm thick powder-coated aluminum. Their light weight makes them a viable alternative for those who have chosen a soft-bottomed tender in the past but prefer a rigid hull for their performance at sea.



The Classic 340 dinghy is a lightweight and compact solution that fits all types of sailboats. It has a high-strength chrome-plated and powder-coated aluminum hull, bow locker suitable for 24-liter fuel tank, brushed foam deck with teak finish, heavy-duty rub strip, and full-length keel protection.



All models in the Highfield Classic range, including even this Classic 380 tender, are made of 2.5 mm thick powder-coated aluminum. Its durable aluminum hull and full-length keel guards make this tender ideal for beach trips with friends and family.


Technology and reliability for this dinghy with a chrome-plated, high-strength powder-coated aluminum hull, bow locker (suitable for 24-liter fuel tank), built-in stern supports, and removable seat.

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