Hallberg-Rassy, it all started 75 years ago

Hallberg-Rassy Shipyard was founded in Ellos, Sweden, in 1972 under the leadership of Christoph Rassy; his first boat under the HR brand was the Monsun 31.

From 1988 the Shipyard began its cooperation with the well-known Architect German Frers and the first model signed Frers was the HR 45 in 1988; later the whole HR range was replaced with Frers’ designs, coming up to the present with the HR 310 – HR 340 – HR 372 and HR 412 models with aft cockpit, while for the center cockpit the production starts with the HR 40C – HR 44 – HR 50 – HR 57 and HR 64.

The Shipyard also has an in-house Company to source original spare parts of even very old boats.

Currently the leadership has passed to his son Magnus Rassy.

Today 9,400 yachts are delivered worldwide. There are HR ambassadors in very cold parts of the world and in tropical heat. Many of the features that help protect against the cold work equally well protecting against heat and intense sun. For example, the windshield with splash canopy or hull thermal insulation.

This type of sailboat is designed for cruising around the world. The success achieved in recent years confirms that the concept of the site is a winner.

We remained true to the concept of a sturdy boat, well-protected cockpit, high strength and good sailing qualities with a high degree of comfort. The boats are easy to handle by a small crew. This allows for effortless and smooth navigation.

Hallberg-Rassy: unmistakable sailboats

In these times, where boat building has not been spared the criteria of mass production, it is good to know that the shipyard has been around since the days when boat building still meant wood and custom boats. For this reason, we have specialized, from the earliest days, in comfortable sailboats suitable for longer trips.

The company’s history began with Harry Hallberg in 1943, developed in 1972 with the merger with Christoph Rassy, which created the Hallberg-Rassy shipyard. Immediately here was success with the flagship Hallberg-Rassy 41, which set a new trend in yachting for interior layout.

In 1988 Hallberg-Rassy began a successful collaboration with the most talented yacht designer of our time, Germán Frers. Frers is known both for his superyacht designs and for designing cruising yachts with elegant lines.

The latest generation of sailboats offer the best you can buy in terms of elegance, performance, and handling. Like the flagship Hallberg-Rassy 64, the largest HR ever built, a world cruiser for a family crew, steerable with a push-button sail management system.


High quality with a value that stands the test of time

The crew appreciates the convenience of sailing on a Hallberg-Rassy. The well-protected cockpit reinforces that feeling of safety and security. The helmsman quickly gains confidence in the yacht’s performance.

Such a yacht has a logical interior layout designed for living long periods aboard, whether at sea or in port. Hallberg-Rassys have a single-level floor throughout the boat, allowing easy access to the cabins.

The displacement of the yachts is designed not only to give the generous stowage needed for long voyages, but also space for modern conveniences. Access for maintenance of technical equipment is also easy, and all units are tested before delivery.

The yachts have deep bilges and the generous tank capacity needed for real cruising.

All this combines to give great confidence in a yacht, again confirmed by the high resale value.

The group is 100 percent owned by the Rassy family, which now leads it with the second generation. Hallberg-Rassy has never had any financial problems. Any buyer can obtain a low-cost bank guarantee. Each yacht is delivered on time.

The Hallberg-Rassy concept means long production runs and the ability to build the yacht of your dreams.


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