Grand Soleil Yachts

Grand Soleil Yachts, a unique and inimitable sailing fleet

Grand Soleil is the brand of Cantiere del Pardo that specializes in the construction and sale of luxury sailboats, divided into three ranges: Long Cruise, Performance and Race. Born in 1973, in Bologna, thanks to the genius of Cantiere del Pardo, the Grand Soleil brand is the most adventurous of the three that are part of the del Pardo family. With Grand Soleil Yachts you can have fun and discover the sea.

Cantiere del Pardo, one origin for three brands

Where heart and passion merge with technology and style: here is the best of Made in Italy. For 45 years, Cantiere del Pardo has been one of the most prestigious and highly regarded shipyards dedicated to the production of elegant, high-performance and comfortable yachts offered under three different brands: Grand Soleil, Pardo and VanDutch.

Grand Soleil Yachts: more than 45 years of history

Since 1973, Cantiere del Pardo has built more than 4,000 boats. The company today occupies an area of 40,000 square meters and is divided into three macro-areas: woodworking, which uses state-of-the-art technology and processes; carpentry, based on tradition and the manual skills of its workforce; and assembly, where everything is carefully put together until final testing. The Shipyard opened in 1973 to produce the Grand Soleil brand with the first ever model: the Grand Soleil 34 Finot. So many other projects followed this highly successful model. In 2017 the motor brand Pardo Yachts took over while in 2020 there was the acquisition of VanDutch.

Grand Soleil Yachts and the custom boats

Instead, in 2019, a new way of producing sailboats was born with the Grand Soleil 80: Grand Soleil Custom, which allows unique “tailor-made” sailboats to be created together with owners, architects, and craftsmen.

Discover the Long Cruise range

Grand Soleil 42 LC
Grand Soleil 46 LC
Grand Soleil 52 LC
Grand Soleil 65 LC
Grand Soleil 72 LC

Discover the Performance range

Grand Soleil 34
Grand Soleil 40
Grand Soleil 44
Grand Soleil 48
Grand Soleil 52
Grand Soleil 65
Grand Soleil 72

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