For over 50 years everything for refrigeration at sea

Frigomar makes refrigeration, air-conditioning and ice-maker systems for marine

Innovation, advanced technology and service are the cornerstones of the work of Frigomar, a company founded in 1973 and the first to introduce inverter technology to boating. In fact, Frigomar systems are equipped with high-efficiency BLDC compressors and an inverter that adjusts the frequency between 20 and 1001z, eliminating start-stop cycles, achieving remarkable energy efficiency and increasing device lifespan and on-board climatic comfort. Variable-frequency air conditioners are powerful and efficient at the same time, quickly reaching the chosen temperature and maintaining it without variations giving greater comfort. All thanks to Variable Speed technology, which precisely controls the compressor speed and thus the cooling power delivered to provide the necessary capacity depending on the heat to be dissipated; in contrast to conventional on/off type air conditioners that always operate at maximum speed and then stop, resulting in high electrical consumption and impactful inrush currents. Frigomar BLDC machines also have an ECO mode, which is useful for limiting the maximum frequency at which the compressor can operate, while containing electrical absorption: this is very useful when used with a battery bank, to increase the system’s autonomy or to reduce the absorption of air conditioning when power is needed for other functions, such as anchor windlasses or bow thrusters. Thanks to highly efficient insulating materials, operation is quiet under all conditions.



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Frigomar touchscreen thermostats have been developed to be simple in use, as well as modem and up-to-date. All functions are represented solely by very intuitive “smart” icons, and every change is just a click away. Depending on the model, there can be adjustments from 3 to 12 fan speeds and the possibility of remote control via modbus network.



Compact units for stand-alone air-conditioning systems: with outputs from 7,000 to 16,000 BTU/h, available in DC (24V and 48V) and AC (115V and 230V), they have a compact and lightweight design. The air outlet can be rotated 135°and the electrical panel that can be separated from the refrigeration body optimize installation modes and space. Variable Speed technology ensures energy efficiency and high comfort level.


The new range of high-efficiency fan coils helps to limit on-board electrical absorption, thanks to electronically controlled DC fans and a bypass solenoid valve. The ultra-compact design and rotatable fan make them very easy to install on any boat. The high-efficiency range offers 5 models having sizes from 5,000 to 28,000 BTU/h.


Luca Stauder designer

Single-phase chiller Single-phase chiller for centralized air conditioning systems. The 50,000 and 70,000 BTU/h modular units are designed with a compact design that simplifies installation and management. They use Variable Speed technology that ensures energy efficiency and high comfort level. CU units can meet the needs of yachts up to 60 meters and are highly valued in refit operations.

Frigomar Via Vittorio Veneto, 112-114-116 16042 Carasco (GE)
Tel. 0185 384888
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