Felci Yacht Design

Felci Yacht Design

From 1992 to the present, Felci Yacht Design has devoted its attentions to multiple types of boats. Functionality, efficiency and performance are at the heart of all projects.

The competitive drive gained through years of racing at the international level and on Olympic classes by the founding members, Umberto Felci and Lorenzo Giovannozzi, has led to the development of offshore boats and the creation of numerous open boats dedicated to coastal racing.


Felci Yacht Design’s first projects were a useful springboard to test a large number of innovative solutions that proved to be successful, solutions that until then few had attempted: realizations entirely in pre-preg carbon, rigging with innovative geometry, also in carbon, swiveling bowsprits, canting keel, steerable canards and structures-fittings in compact and very light monolithic.

All with the goal of maximum performance and effectiveness. Due in part to the public success of the famous UFO, 22- and 28-foot monotypes, which were immediately widely used in prestigious international championships, the Del Pardo and French Dufour shipyards entrusted Felci Yacht Design with the design of prestigious new boats.

2000 saw the birth of the first Grand Soleil 70 Custom Line, flagship of Del Pardo Shipyard. In 2001 it was the turn of the sensational Dufour 40, a real jolt to the world of mass production (to date more than 600 units have been sold) as well as the winner of an IMS World Championship; currently Felci Yacht Design is engaged in the design of the entire new Dufour Performance and Grand Large line.

Concurrently with models destined for mass production, Felci Yacht Design has continued aero and hydrodynamic research and state-of-the-art CFD studies.


Felci Yacht Design: innovative fast cruisers

Felci Yacht is now processing some of the most elegant and innovative fast cruisers being built by some of the most prestigious domestic and foreign shipyards. It is in this type of boat that the characteristics of speed, efficiency and handling, typical of a racer, are fully integrated with the comfort, elegance and functionality of a yacht born exclusively for cruising.

This is because of the ability to make a three hundred and sixty-degree assessment of the elements that make up the craft and blend them in a manner consistent with the objectives. If today we can boast such a wide and heterogeneous range of models, it is thanks to the ability of comparison and synergy between architects and engineers and the deep nautical culture common to all Felci Yachts designers, which is the key element of proper design that is often referred to as art.

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