Excess Catamarans

Not just comfort: catamarans for vacation fun

Beneteau Group brand offers a line that aims to combine speed with space on board

Excess catamarans are characterized by a sporty aesthetic and are designed for a cruiser who likes to hoist sails on vacation-this is the philosophy behind the Excess 11,12,14 and 15, from 11 to 15 meters. The brand is part of the Beneteau group like Lagoon, but compared to the latter, the ratio of displacement to sail area has different proportions that pay more attention to sailing performance. In addition, you can choose the Pulse Line version with an enlarged sail plan, and other customization options inside as well. One of the catamarans unveiled in 2022 but also attracting great interest in 2023 is the Excess 14, the brand’s latest. The shipyard has a young and sporty soul, which is fully reflected on this boat: a catamaran that can sail well, comfortable but fun.
The hull lines are sleek, with a raised center deck to improve wave passage, asymmetrical hulls that reduce drag, and prows with inverted, sloping momentum. On the Excess 14’s deck, we find a particularly stooping deckhouse and a low boom. The position of the mast casing allows for a very large salon inside, and also bright thanks to the windows, while on the broadside we find portholes with an eye-catching asymmetrical cut. Ultimately, the Excesses are intended to be an alternative on an owner level and more performance-conscious than the Lagoons, while still not disdaining the charter world, which remains a target market for the entire Beneteau Group.




Excess 11
Excess 11

The smallest in the Excess fleet (11.33 x 6.59 m): viewed from the bow, one notices the step on the hull that increases cabin volumes. The “transparent” deckhouse, which makes the dinette of 11 panoramic, stands out. Excesses are characterized by excellent sailing performance.


Excess 15
Excess 15

The Excess loves performance it is true, but the styling remains cruiser-like, and the quest for comfort is also seen in the sunshade that can be installed at helm wheel height and the easy-to-reach sail rigging.

Excess Catamarans
Poiré-Sur-Vie, France
www.excess-catamarans.com contact@excess-catamarans.com
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