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EWOL propellers significantly improve maneuverability, increase speed under sail, and allow optimization of speed under motor.

The EWOL adjustable pitch marine propeller is made from Superduplex stainless steel alloys that represent the highest technology in terms of mechanical strength and galvanic corrosion resistance, it is also equipped with the finest technical solutions that make it unparalleled in the market in terms of motor thrust, boat maneuverability in maneuvering and sailing speed.

EWOL propellers have steerable blades and can be installed on sailboats with both conventional (endothermic) and electric motors and both mechanical and hydraulic inverters. EWOL marine propeller components are made from Superduplex-type stainless steel alloys, materials developed by steel mills to be able to perform extremely heavy-duty tasks.


Established in 1997, EWOL immediately distinguished itself by the hi-tech materials and hydrodynamic design and structural verification technologies used in the construction of its products.

Today, EWOL adjustable pitch propellers are known worldwide as leaders in performance, technology, precision adjustment, reliability, ease of use, and both mechanical and corrosion resistance due to stainless steel construction.

EWOLs are steerable blade propellers characterized by exceptional longevity and are designed to be upgradeable over the years. An EWOL propeller can be modularly adapted and follow the owner from boat to boat and can take advantage of the results of EWOL’s R&D team by accommodating new Plug & Play technology solutions that can improve its performance.



Advantages of the EWOL propeller

  1. Forward thrust: is comparable to that of a good, well-calculated fixed propeller.
  2. Reverse thrust: clearly superior to any fixed, folding or variable pitch propeller on the market, EWOL gets into position immediately and responds immediately to reverse engagement due to the motor torque acting on the central pinion, facilitating every mooring maneuver and almost totally nullifying drift (we have multiple cases on different types of boats, including long or semi-long keel boats that report considerable improvements in maneuverability).
  3. Resistance under sail: during sailing, the blades are positioned shear relative to the water flow, this allows between 0.5 and 1.5 knots of speed to be gained and allows the inverter to be left at rest, resulting in less wear and tear on it.
  4. Micrometric pitch adjustment: allows fine adjustments of the boat’s performance, an operation easily performed in seconds even with boat in the water, as a result you will always have the right compromise between speed and low fuel consumption (EWOL’s adjustment accuracy is 8-10 times higher depending on the competitor considered).
  5. Mechanical and corrosion resistance: the propeller is constructed entirely of stainless steel superalloys of exceptional mechanical and galvanic corrosion resistance (the steels used by EWOL have twice the mechanical strength of bronze).
  6. Vibration nullification: the movement of the blades is synchronized by a central pinion gear, a key aspect to avoid that in case of marine vegetation fouling they may take different steps and thus generate vibrations, as unfortunately happens in the case of other propellers on the market; in addition, EWOL is dynamically balanced, which also results in vibration nullification (the balancing accuracy is max 1 gram, several competitors do not even dynamically balance propellers).
  7. FlexDrive version: with Sail-Drive stern foot anti-shock joint, this makes inversion extremely smooth and prevents damage to the stern foot.
  8. Durability: all sliding seats are made up of interchangeable bushings that allow easy and accurate maintenance and effectively making the propeller always new (EWOL is the only propeller that provides interchangeable bushings, avoiding after a few years of work the need to restore the entire propeller; this translates into important savings in the medium to long term).
  9. Easy assembly and disassembly: without having to disassemble the propeller itself, these operations take less than 5 minutes, require no special skills, and can be done easily even when the boat is in the water.
  10. Quality: we conduct 100% inspection and break-in of all propellers before leaving the factory.
  11. Antifouling: standard sandblasted surface finish, ready for anti-fouling paint; propeller-specific silicone antifouling paint is available upon request.
  12. TOP Warranty: warranty coverage is 3 years from purchase on any factory defects (we are the only ones to offer this type of warranty).
  13. TOP service: we guarantee customer support service every day, including Saturday and Sunday (on cell 338 2293304).


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