Euro Sail Yacht – Fountaine Pajot Samana 59

Fountaine Pajot, a love for the sea almost 50 years long

Like all of the shipyard’s catamarans, Samana 59 is designed to exceed the expectations of those who love the sea

Founded in 1976 by Jean-François Fountaine, the shipyard has always had the unique ability to make boats designed by sailors for sailors; in fact, it was the world’s first builder of recreational catamarans. Today, after nearly half a century of history-in which ownership has remained in the family-Fountaine Pajot still makes unique models: their hulls, with well-balanced volumes, are at ease at all speeds and in all seas, and their deck layouts are carefully thought out and well-equipped to ensure ease of movement and navigation for the entire crew. With the understanding that sailing is a matter of pleasure, living space both inside and out is exceptional, but at the same time all of Fountaine Pajot’s cruising catamarans feature top safety levels. Today, then, the shipyard also proves to be at the forefront of research and technology: for example, it is the only one in the world to offer an in-house developed electric propulsion series. Not to mention that Fountaine Pajot also launched the world’s first hydrogen catamaran, just based on a Samana 59.


A success story, also confirmed by the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59, a flybridge catamaran with first-in-class dimensions that is in fact the largest in its class, but above all a perfect boat to accompany all sea lovers in unparalleled sailing experiences.
Perhaps reuniting friends or family for unforgettable moments, not least because the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 is a catamaran designed for any style of cruising: a true luxury multihull that transforms daily life aboard into an inimitable experience of comfort, serenity and freedom. One can tell at first glance that it has been carefully designed to create spaces that accommodate the liveliest social life but also the most relaxing moments of solitude.
Its spacious 27.5-square-meter cockpit, with sunbathing stations in the bow, and 30-square-meter flybridge offer the opportunity to move freely or relax in quieter surroundings. Reflecting the evolving emotions and desires of a contemporary sailing public that has learned not to do without the welcome of comfortable spaces even at sea, the volumes of the Samana 59 meet the needs of all boaters.
Even in terms of design then, the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 only surprises in a positive way: designed as always by the Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design studio, it offers many state-of-the-art solutions. As in the design of the exteriors: here, between cockpit and flybridge, there is really a lot of space available.
The large sundecks in the forward cockpit are astonishing, perfect for lounging and relaxing, but the real treat aboard the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 is the penthouse. Indeed, the flybridge is very generous in size, perhaps the largest in its class. In fact, it offers as much as 30 square meters of floor space, equipped with four sunbeds, seating, kitchen area and, of course, command post. You certainly don’t have space and privacy problems on the Samana 59 because it’s basically like having two boats in one.
Even below deck, the spaces of Samana 59 do not disappoint; on the contrary. The salon, which opens with a large aft window, houses a full kitchen, a table with L-shaped and single seating.
The furnishings are refined and elegant, not only in the common areas but also in the cabins. A large front door makes all rooms communicating, giving the feeling of being on a very large terrace on the water.
There are several possible layouts: the two main solutions are with the galley in the salon or with the galley in the hull. The first solution allows great conviviality among friends and family when preparing an aperitif or dinner.
The second solution with a galley in the hull allows for maximum elegance while leaving the spaces always tidy. Finally, the Maestro version offers a truly spacious master stateroom with a generous beam bed right in front of the broadside window, granting breathtaking views at both sunrise and sunset. As with the entire range, lithium batteries and solar panels can be installed, providing energy autonomy.




Euro Sail Yacht - Fountain Pajot Samana 59 - Interior
Euro Sail Yacht – Fountain Pajot Samana 59 – Interior

This catamaran designed by Berret Racoupeau offers interior spaces that are meticulously designed and offer exceptional living dimensions, thanks in part to the various layouts available.


Euro Sail Yacht - Fountain Pajot Samana 59 - Stern
Euro Sail Yacht – Fountain Pajot Samana 59 – Stern

On the Samana 59, the aft cockpit that is actually completely covered to allow convenience of use and privacy on board both when sailing and in port.

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