Elvstrøm Sails

Elvstrøm Sails: a mark of quality when choosing your sails

Elvstrøm Sails is a historic Danish sailmaker, founded in 1954 by Paul Elvstrøm, the only sailor to win four gold medals in four consecutive Olympics.

Sells all types of sails, cruising, racing and Epex technology. It guides you in choosing the right sails for your boat and your passion for sailing.

It also offers a sail maintenance and repair service, along with a sail checking and garaging service that will let you know their state of wear and tear and know in advance if they require maintenance.

Explore the 6 colorful worlds of Elvstrøm Sails and find the one that matches your dream. We have created six ranges to make it easy for you to find your ideal wing. Make your choice!


A sailmaker founded by sailing legend Paul Elvstrøm

We have been designing sails for over 60 years thanks to theexperience and knowledge of our sailors, sail designers, and especially our legendary founder, Paul Elvstrøm.

Today, we are proud to use our know-how for your cruising or racing sailing. For us, every sail is unique: the one tailor-made for you. At Elvstrøm Sails we know that every moment counts. Whether you are cruising and savoring precious moments of sailing, or during weekend regattas where every second counts toward your moment of glory.

You can rest assured that we have an eye for detail. Relax to enjoy your cruise or focus on racing with extreme confidence.

Innovation: our driving force

Innovation has always been a driving force for Elvstrøm Sails. Paul Elvstrøm ‘s reputation was built on his ability to innovate, and today our R&D department is still setting new standards for sails.

Lots of experience in design

There are countless different combinations of materials, material strength, sail cutting, sail size and production techniques. Finding the ideal combination requires many years of experience and comprehensive know-how.

With more than 60 years ofdevelopment experience, Elvstrøm Sails has acquired more specific knowledge than any other sailmaker in the world. You can therefore be assured that you will get your ideal wing from us!

Epex membrane, a cutting-edge technology

We use only the best materials for our sails. Modern fibers and traditional yarns such as kevlar, carbon, dyneema, nylon, polyester, technora, vectran, dacron.

But our most innovative technology is called Epex, a high-performance membrane that is based on clear vision. A vision to design and produce a sail that outperforms conventional sails in terms of durability and performance. Epex was established in 2008 and as the first and only one of its kind in the market. Since then, products and processes have been further developed to what is now the most advanced technology.

After many years of development Elvstrøm Sails has succeeded in perfecting the process of producing high-quality sail membranes. Epex sail membranes are held in place over the entire surface throughout the process by means of a vacuum. In this way, a 100% homogeneous sail laminate is produced.

Lots of local outlets

With several Elvstrøm SailPoints scattered throughout the European continent, you will find qualified Elvstrøm Sail personnel at major ports. Our network is constantly evolving to ensure we stay within reach.


Qualified supplier for top European brands

If you are the happy owner of one of these boats, you are probably also the owner of an Elvstrøm sail. Being a supplier of leading brands requires high quality, excellent service, product innovations and cutting-edge technology.

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