Dehler: comfortable and fast sailboats

Dehler is known worldwide for its 29- to 46-foot performance cruisers and is a major player on the racing scene. Dehler yachts are specifically developed for competitive and performance-oriented sailing and furnished with comfortable interiors.

Dehler’s story

Dehler is synonymous with outstanding sailing performance, but its boats are perfect for being steered by families and small crews. The deck and hull are high-tech fabrications by Judel/Vrolijk & Co, while the elegant interiors, which focus on indirect light and fine materials, are the work of renowned interior designers.

Dehler successfully combines exciting sport sailing with unbeatable living comfort in style and aesthetics. Since its founding in 1963, the shipyard has surprised with its uninterrupted capacity for innovation. The creativity of the designers is demonstrated by the numerous awards, regatta victories, and every detail on board. The company’s yachts are are built with the highest craftsmanship and typical “Made in Germany” precision.

Sail performance is the most important feature for a yacht, because feeling the power of the hull cutting through waves with speed and precision always fearsome. This is the true meaning of sailing. That is why these yachts always have a sporty feel. With just a few modifications, a comfortable performance cruiser becomes a thoroughbred racing yacht: for small and large crews, for competing with friends and mooring neighbors, for racing internationally-or simply for one’s personal sporting pride.

A world leader in the cruiser/racer segment, it has sold more than 25,000 sailing yachts since 1963 and holds a strong position in the market: 13 percent of all sailing yachts sailing on German waters come from these yards.

In 2009 Dehler was acquired by HanseYachts AG and began, gradually, to renew the range but without losing the DNA that has made these sailboats appreciated worldwide.

Dehler: smart sailboats

The interior furnishings leave nothing to be desired. The design is a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, with workmanship that is impeccable even in the details. The precision of every detail is typically German. The choice of contributors includes internationally renowned designers Judel/Vrolijk & Co. This is evident in the elegant and timeless forms of each Dehler.

The Dehler range

The offering currently includes six fast offshore sailing yachts, ranging from 29 to 46 feet. The Dehler 29, the basic model in the range, is equipped with tiller steering. This yacht meets the needs of first-time sailors and small families and can be easily operated by one person.

The Dehler 34 started, 30 years ago, the era of performance cruisers. The current model with double rudder is the direct heir of this yacht, a cult for sailing enthusiasts.

The Dehler 38 is an agile family yacht.

Its big brother, the Dehler 42, is the brand’s most versatile yacht: it offers flexibility in cabin layout and was awarded the iNOVO Award.

The top-of-the-line model, the Dehler 46, offers generous space with the brand’s typical performance.

The Dehler 30 one design, launched in 2019, marks a new course without compromise: it combines maximum performance and ease of maneuvering without sacrificing a certain level of living comfort.

Dehler in Italy

Cini & Webster s.n.c., in Lavagna, the Passion for the Sea for over 40 years

“It has been many years now since we opened our office in the port of Lavagna (1986); we were among the first ones there and had already been working in the industry since 1980, turning our passion for the sea into a profession. We have sailed in easy and in difficult conditions, in calm seas and in rough seas, in cruising and in racing, in summer and in winter, and the experience has served us well in assisting all clients, whether they were looking for a first boat or even more experienced than us, whether it was a used boat or a new one.”

Andrea and Lalla Napolitani

Porto Turistico, 75 – 16033 Lavagna (GE)

Tel +39 0185 321521 | +39 335 6284273

Fax +39 0185 323531

Nautilus Marina Servizi s.r.l., Rome – Fiumicino

“Certainly passion, competence, quality and seriousness, result in a lasting and firm relationship with the customer. Consequently, this concept, constitutes the propellant of the sales activity that Nautilus Marina applies on a daily basis. We are Dehler importers for the Tyrrhenian Sea, including the islands. In addition, thanks to our shipbuilding facility, we are one of the largest service centers of the German shipyard on the Tyrrhenian Sea.”

Nautilus Marina Services Ltd,

Via Monte Cadria, 127, 00054 Fiumicino – Rome

Tel +39066581221

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