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A leader in the paint market

The Boero Group is an Italian family business that formulates, manufactures and distributes paints and coatings for the construction and yachting sectors. Italy’s market leader in paint products is a reference point for architects and color professionals.

Boero Group formulates, manufactures and distributes paints and varnishes. Technological research, study and development of innovations have always been the winning features of the Group’s philosophy.

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The interview

Yachting, our core business

With two dedicated brands, Boero YachtCoatings and Veneziani Yachting, the Boero Group’s Yachting Division has been a reference point for the Italian and international markets for decades and represents a rare example of a paint company that has made the Yachting market its core business.

These two brands were created to meet different needs of the marine industry, Boero YachtCoatings is mainly dedicated to the large shipbuilding, both refit and new construction, so to the world Yacht and Superyachts, while Veneziani Yachting is getting closer to theend user by devoting itself mainly to yachting and the sailing world. In this way, the Yachting Division is able to meet the all-round needs of all customers, offering a full range of products for painting, repairing and maintaining boats. Large and constant investments in R&D make it possible to bring to life increasingly innovative and high-performance products, ensuring low environmental impact and, above all, products that are always in step with the times and fully meet customers’ needs.

Antifoulings, primers, fillers, paints and enamels

Antifouling, developed to provide high performance under all operating conditions; primer, which provide strong protection and high adhesion; putties, the lightest and most flexible in the world capable of excellent performance from the Arctic to the tropics; subfloors, with high film compactness; paints e enamels in a wide range of finishes that are easy to apply to all kinds of surfaces, created with the best raw materials for extreme quality performance and effects, and a complete color range.

Boero’s partnership with Expo Dubai 2020

This year, the Boero Group, is proud to announce its partnership with the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The “Boero hull cycle” (stucco, primer and to finish enamel) was selected for painting the three hulls that form the upper part of the Pavilion itself. Products from the Yachting Division were chosen for their high performance that ensures color quality even in extreme environmental conditions. The area of 2,100 square meters is painted with the three colors of the Italian flag, creating the world’s largest tricolor.

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