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“What is in store for us this summer 2024? Like last year, we will work on the Amalfi Coast and the Emerald Coast, two destinations that have seen a strong increase in demand over the years. As for the fleet, as always, we try to offer more and more boats following the trend of customer demand. This year we have several catamarans distributed between the 2 bases, with special attention to the new and smaller model in Bali, the Catsmart. In Sardinia, then, we also brought a new 5.4: a luxury boat, with 5 cabins and crew, perfect for the needs of the public that is constantly looking for bigger and bigger models. The catamarans in our fleet then are all recent and full of options and to meet all needs, having available from 39 to 54 feet.” How are reservations going? “They are off to a very good start, and there are really a lot of requests. Especially for Sardinia: not only is it a very attractive destination for vacationers, but it is also our new base, and that has intrigued old customers. We are coming back to full operation after the issues related to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, and we hope to be able to extend the season, beyond the summer months, far exceeding the numbers of recent years. Especially after the pandemic, we realized that the clientele has changed and prefers to enjoy vacations by having different experiences, away from the crowds: proposals such as ours that allow people to spend their vacations in peace, avoiding the dreaded crowds. At the same time, the customers have also changed: they are no longer just sailing enthusiasts, but are tourists who want to discover the wonders of places by the sea. They ask for a real itinerary, and we have turned into a travel agency, offering them complete packages: from transfer to reception, from cruise assistance to galley, from route preparation to itineraries that include the most beautiful places, including food.” Can we get an idea of the rates for the summer? “In high season the smaller catamarans are priced from 9,000 euros per week, while for the largest model, the Bali 5.4, it goes up and 24,000 euros per week in mid-August. For sailboats, they start at 2,200 euros in low season and 4,000 euros in high. However, we explain to all clients today that it is often better to leave in months such as May, June, September and October: periods when boats cost less, the sea is fantastic, the services are better and the weather is perfect.”


Phone: 06 92915889 | +39 3245509782
Bases: Salerno and Portisco

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