The ultralight and reliable swivel ring

Antal SectoRing, the perfect solution for high loads where reliability and light weight are key

The use of Dyneema, which is characterized by very high stiffness and strength combined with excellent flowability, has enabled the development of a brand new series of marine equipment that exploit and enhance its properties. In 2008 Antal successfully introduced to the Italian market the Low Friction Ring, a product that has revolutionized the handling of maneuvers on sailboats. Then, in 2020, it was the turn of SectoRing, the small-size, lightweight revolving ring. Tool that is the perfect solution for high loads where large and fast movements are not required. And today, Antal SectoRing, has now become the equipment that has been adopted even aboard the most famous oceanic racers such as Class 40 and Imoca 60, where it finds use on Spi booms, rudders, mainsail stringers, steering wheels, and anywhere else the technical imagination can go. The complete range of Antal SectoRing now includes 4 models equipped with Safe Working Load up to 3.8 tons SectoRing is then also available without Antal’s Snap Loop, for use in custom fastening applications, which can be achieved either by impiobling or simple tying. Loop connections should be checked regularly for chafing, especially during fast and prolonged rotations under load, which could cause the loop to overheat, resulting in loop damage.


Replacement Dyneema Snap Loops are available for each model of Antal SectoRing. Antal recommends using Dyneema without sock in the center hole to reduce friction; rigging with sock should be used in the outer throat to facilitate ring rotation.

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