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A dynamic charter company, Aladar Sail offers interesting new products each year for summer vacations and beyond, as Laura Rossi, the brand’s sales manager, tells us. “For the 2023 season that is about to begin, we have added several new and prestigious boats to the fleet, which are very popular with the Italian public and are all high-end. These are two new sailing catamarans, a Samana 59 and an Aura 51, which are now available from the Cannigione base, while another Samana 59 is available from the Marina di Punta Ala base in Tuscany. And again we also have a Solaris 55 that is instead available from Porto Rotondo. As for the bases in addition to the ones mentioned above, we always also have the ones in Marina di Stabia and Marina di Punta Ala, perfect locations to set off on unique and fun cruises.” As always, therefore, Aladar Sail offers great variety in its fleet while still providing that all available boats both monohulls and catamarans are well equipped to ensure that clients have easy, safe and fun vacations. “We are happy with how we are re-introducing ourselves to the market for the new season, and in fact I must say that we have already had a good response from the market. Although the dynamics of this year seem very strange, but we are confident that Italians will start booking en masse the next few weeks. We are confident because we have also seen in recent years there have been several people who have waited even longer subdates to book. Without forgetting that we have been working for a few years on this strategy of opening the market from pure sailors to those who also are not sea wolves but still want to try this different and new vacation experience and characterized by great desire for freedom. And still as always we also target the international market, so much so that at the moment for the summer we even have 80 percent of bookings from foreigners while then the percentage of Italians we are sure will rise again to at least 40 percent.” Thanks to its boats and bases in short Aladar Sail allows tourists to arrange routes to the best destinations in the Mediterranean, from the Flegrean Islands to the Pontine Islands, from Sardinia to Corsica and all the pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago. “To give an idea of the rates for summer 2023 we can give some examples but always remembering that as of today we have very different boats in the fleet. Among them we propose in the low season a 41-foot monohull from 2,000 euros per week. For catamarans, on the other hand, rates range from 3,500 to 12,000 euros always depending on the period.”


Phone: 345 6604940
Bases: Marina di Scarlino, Marina di Punta Ala, Cannigione, Porto Rotondo and Marina di Stabia

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