Advanced Yachts

Advanced Yachts: our philosophy

Our mission is to create high quality and highly reliable boats that are synonymous with design, functionality of use and performance. Advanced Yachts offers its clients semi-custom production to create unique, exclusive boats built to each individual owner’s interpretation of pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment. We want the entire process from design to delivery to be a pleasant and enjoyable time for the owner: the realization of a magnificent dream.

Advanced Yachts

At Advanced Yachts, we want to build yachts in which each client’s personality, tastes and lifestyle are recognizable. A personal team consisting of project managers and interior designers supports the shipowner at every stage of construction, advising him or her on the best way to choose all elements and proposing solutions tailored to his or her wishes. Individual projects and solutions contain all the necessary ingredients for an excellent end result.

Quality yacht

In our work, nothing is standardized except for a few basic elements that characterize our vessels, namely the tools necessary to ensure a high level of quality and safety on board. The brand wants to stand out not only for the excellence of the materials used and the use of the most advanced construction techniques, but also for the production process, entrusted to skilled craftsmen, strictly Made in Italy. Thanks to the care and work of the best craftsmen, qualified professionals who supervise every stage of production in order to ensure the highest level of quality, we ensure that every detail and every decision of the owner harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the elements. Advanced Yachts builds unique and custom-created sailboats, just like a tailored suit.

Top-level technology

Building an Advanced yacht is a complex process, requiring great craftsmanship and resulting in something as unique as its owner. Particularly high-performance hulls combined with state-of-the-art water lines create a perfect combination that guarantees high speeds even in low wind conditions.

We use the most innovative materials and the most advanced construction techniques for our boats: from the use of sandwiches with glass fabrics and carbon reinforcements, impregnated with epoxy resin through a vacuum infusion process, to full carbon construction. The hull and deck are made with female molds created with a numerically controlled milling machine: this allows for very light boats and a perfect finish of the surfaces. The entire process ensures an optimal result in terms of stiffness, performance and durability of the vessel over time.

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